Friday, May 8, 2009

Week ending May 15th

Sat - Eating out with Chris (belated Anniversary celebration)
Sun - Corn Bisque with side salad & homemade bread
Mon - Mustard crusted tofu with kale & sweet potato
Tues - Grilled vegetable & refried bean tacos with herbed brown rice
Wed - Sauteed ginger tofu with mixed tangy greens
Thur - Ratatouille over brown rice
Fri - Salmon/Halibut with roasted rosemary potatoes

Sunday is Mother's Day and Friday is dad's birthday so those meals are not written in stone. But I'll make sure to have all of the necessary ingredients anyway.

This coming Monday marks the beginning of a new way of eating for me. Something I have been internally battling and that I feel is very important to me. I'll have to elaborate on it later when I feel I am ready. At the moment I am not prepared to respond to the possible reactions I will receive so just bear with me please.


athomewiththeknights said...

Hmmmm.....I know! I know! And whomever (is that whoever?) has issue with how YOU eat needs to STFU. Unless you're gorging yourself on HFCS, food dyes, and chemicals!

Nessa said...

That's a big lol mama! No HFCS, food dyes or chemicals (that I can see anyway). I'm going to go veg. Not ready to go the whole vegan route quite yet, but I'm gonna omit land animals anyway.

Chris is on board too. As long as he can still eat his fish and goat cheese, he's a happy camper. Bella said she likes to eat animals so I'll let her be and Kristjan won't touch meat no matter how I hide it, so he's easy. It's all up to them, this is my deal. Glad Chris is on board though, makes it a bit easier. I do have some frozen chicken and a package of Maverick ground beef that I will eat because I don't believe in wasting food of course.

Wish me luck. :o)