Thursday, May 14, 2009

Week ending May 22nd

Sat - Pesto wheat pasta with grilled shrimp & veggie kabobs
Sun - Tofu rigatoni casserole (baked rigatoni w/ creamed tofu instead of ricotta basically)
Mon - Grilled vegetable (leftovers from Sat) wraps and tsatsiki sauce with black eyed peas & pinto beans
Tues - Black beans and brown rice
Wed - Farfalle with leeks, sweet peas & soy sausage (this sausage DOES taste and has the texture of the animal product version)
Thur - Tuna salad over mixed greens and veggies
Fri - Spinach and butter bean saute' over crispy polenta rounds

Hopefully the recipes above that derived from my noggin will be posted with pictures on here or my food blog!

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