Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The best award

Isabella and I were awarded winners of the great "cookr" contest! I also love the picture of the pot with steam on the award too. Lovely. It's now safe in my keepsake box.

You know, I have been teasing Chris about entering food cooking contests. Like what Foodtv has from time to time. Make a great burger and win $50,000. Make a perfect chili win $150,000. I think I can figure something out! I'm always experimenting. There is one lady (with children I might add) that has entered many contests and has won over $300,000 so far. She also won a complete kitchen remodel.

So let's see. Do what I love, which is cook. Practice and perfect a specific recipe for each contest. Hopefully win the local, then regional contests. Travel a bit, meet some cool people, perhaps even some of my idols and maybe even win? Sounds like a no-brainer to me. I already have one award under my belt!


Val in the Rose Garden said...


I have just sat and caught up on your blog since the move and I have to say that I love it. You are so real with your post and your post about red #40 was right on! And to top it all off, your kids are beautiful. Hope you have an amazing Thursday!


Nessa said...

Thanks so very much! Makes me feel I'm not so alone with my thoughts. It's hard at times because of where I live and who I work with, they are all "main stream" and think I've lost it most times.

Glad your move went well and it looks like you guys are happy! It was meant to be!