Thursday, June 11, 2009

The good and the bad

Being in the office all alone in the mornings.

The Good:
  • I'm able to get my work done without interruption from co-workers.
  • It's nice and quiet. No politics, no opinions and no vociferating.
The Bad:
  • The office is not in a good part of town and I'm a female there alone.
  • If I get an emergency call because of the kids and have to leave, there will be no one to run the place or answer the phone.

My main concern are the kids. If I get an emergency call, for sure I'm out the door. Sorry folks, my kids are my life, not even an option. If I get a call that they need to be picked up and it's not such an emergency and I can't reach Chris or my parents, then I will call and request that someone please come to relieve me as soon as possible. If no one shows after I have requested help, I have a key, and I will just have to lock up and leave.

I hate to be so impetuous, but I watch people every day come in and leave whenever they feel the fancy. Heck, I have one dude that everyday comes in at 11:30 or 12:00, then leaves at 2:00 for lunch, comes back at 4:00 and then leaves for the day at 4:45 and it's been a completely acceptable schedule. So I guess it's no surprise to me that no one has volunteered or has been scheduled to come in early to help out.

Hence, I will not allow myself to feel "guilty" for any possible circumstance where I might have to flee in an emergency. So as I vent over something that hasn't even happened, (I've got to read some more of the Tao Te Ching and chill the hell out) I'll just remember to lock myself in, indulge in the quiet and deal with whatever each day throws at me the best that I can.

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