Monday, June 22, 2009

Good food and family time

I think boys and girls provide different kinds of stress for parents. From girls I assume when they are teens and from boys because they are such daredevils. Kristjan is my little daredevil. He is not afraid of anything. His poor forehead is like a war zone. His little bump on his head from head butting Chris accidentally was almost gone until he fell out of a dining room chair last night and hit his head again. I hate head injuries. They scare the crap out of me. Twenty minutes later, I had to pull him out of that same chair again.
I love his smile and personality. After taking this picture, I realized I better wash my pillow covers again. The drool monster had paid another visit.

Bella loves making her own pizza and I love that she loves the taste. Here is hers all piled up with cheese.
Her pizza after. She ate more than half of it! Chris walked by and nabbed a slice. Bad daddy. Ours was in the oven, guess he couldn't wait. :o)

Happy Father's Day! All snuggled up watching Chris's favorite movie from childhood, The Jungle Book. Looks like it's a favorite for the kids too. Kristjan will watch anything with animals in it and loves music.
I love this picture. I have Bella's sunshine smile on the left and trouble maker on the couch, trying to grab the phone in the background.

We celebrated Father's Day on Saturday. I had my parents over and we all cooled off in the pool, listened to some music and then ate our fill in food. I made Chicken Breasts with Fennel-Mustard and Radicchio along with some herbed brown rice. The chicken recipe is one of Chris's favorites. It isn't the most heart healthy meal on the planet. There is a lot of butter involved, but it is really good. I only make it once a year, so it's not like we eat that way all the time. I hope the fellas enjoyed their meal. I had fun making it.

The crust cooling for the Banoffee pie. Flour, butter, vanilla extract and macadamia nuts.

The labor intensive part is thickening up the condensed milk. It takes almost thirty minutes of constant stirring to keep it from sticking. Once thick enough I added the rum, cream and vanilla extract. I made the crust and filling the day before.
Bella put all the banana slices on top for me. She is helping me more and more in the kitchen. I welcome it and hope that she will enjoy cooking as much as I do. Perhaps this way, her variety in foods will broaden.
All the bananas on top. She did a wonderful job.

Finished! The topping is whipped cream, mixed with a little dissolved instant coffee. I sprinkled some cocoa on top. It was delish! Very rich though. Get too large of a slice and I can't handle it.

Next weekend I'll put the Chocolate Ganache Tart back up for vote and perhaps a Zucchini Bread as the other choice. Maybe one day the Ganache will win.

Tomorrow is the kid's eye check up appointment. Chris will accompany me to help out. Neither one enjoys their eyes being messed with. Who does? We both took the whole day off so that after we could have the rest of the day with them. I also didn't want to send them to school right after their eyes being dilated. Not a nice thing. It's not like Kris is going to wear dark sunglasses for the rest of the day and having blurred vision at the playground does mix either!

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athomewiththeknights said...

Oooh, that pie looks so good!!! I bet Bella loves being in the kitchen with you. :) Hannah likes to help me cook, too.