Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Great ideas

I saw these and had to share. They are from http://www.marthastewart.com/. I think they are great ideas.Chairs reupholstered with pieces from outgrown or thrift store sweaters. 1) Cut a sweater apart, working up the side seams and across the shoulders. Trim off the neck hole and sleeves, leaving two squares of fabric slightly larger than the seat of the chair. 2) Unscrew the seat cushions from the chairs. 3) Cover the cushions with the sweater fabric, and secure the cloth edges to the underside using a staple gun or small tacks. 4) Trim any excess and reattach the cushion to the chair. Cost $0

Usually used once and tossed, plastic baggies can actually hold up to washing, drying and reuse. 1) Insert chopsticks or wooden dowels into the holes of an unused toothbrush holder. 2) Hand wash bags with warm soapy water. 3) Hang bags upside-down on the chopstick prongs to let water run out and air flow in. Cost about $7

Corks can protect your tables and counter tops from hot pots and pans. 1) For a medium sized trivet, collect at least 50 uniformly sized corks. 2) Stand them upright and arrange them into a tight circle. 3) Surround corks with an 8 to 10 inch metal hose clamp. 4) Tighten the clamp to bind the corks together and then trim the excess clamp with metal clippers. Cost about $3.

I have tons of corks I've collected. I can supply my neighborhood with trivets...


athomewiththeknights said...

I want a trivet!!! :) Those ideas are so cool! And you've done a ton of blog updating lately. The kids are so cute sleeping on the couch. Don't you love moments like that? And I do think that with your one "cookr" award, you should start entering things. Do what you love, and the rest will take care of itself.

Nessa said...

I'll make you some trivets. I've been collecting Chris's corks for years now. I have plenty of them!

I think I will research contests. I bet they are fun too!