Monday, June 15, 2009

It wouldn't be right

I've picked a great contender in this weekend's dessert poll. It's a classic English dessert called Banoffee Pie, which happens to be one of Chris's favorites and since this weekend is Father's Day, I'm not sure it would be fair not to make it for him. I'll still put it up to vote on Facebook just to see the results, but I may have to make it regardless.

Speaking of not being right....I posted this YouTube video on Facebook of Kate Gosselin denying water to her child (daughter Mady, sitting right next to her!) but taking water herself prior to an interview. This completely set me into a rage. I believe this couple has completely exploited these poor children. No wonder they are having marital problems. Since fame and fortune have taken first place to family, what did they expect? Unfortunately, it's the innocent children that pay the price.


Val in the Rose Garden said...

I don't think that was as awful as you think it is. I try to give her some grace becuase if she was to give that one child a drink right then, the other 8 would want one too, and lord only knows when it would stop. I think her getting a drink instead of the kid sucked... but she was distracted. At the end she is going to give her the bottle of water, and then says she can't because they gave her a signal that they were about to start taping. God forbid someone catches my worst parenting moment and puts it on tv... you know? I think it is just one of 'those' moments.

Not to defend her completely... I know very little about that story except that they are having issues and it has somehow become a huge deal, which sucks... but I know that I have moments like that. Not to the point where I would deny her water, but add in some stress, and a bit of a supermom complex and you have that video. You know?

Sorry to babble at you a bit. But I try really hard to give these moms some grace... innocent until proven guilty. You know? The kids suffer... but she maybe had a 10 minute interview... then she got to be a mom again because the stress was over.

That dessert looks KILLER! I need to start making desserts again. I am a protien person, so I eat lots of cheese and things for snacks and very few sweets. I forget that my kids really would love a dessert every now and again. I will have to try that one. It looks amazing!


Nessa said...

I have to say that after reading your post and reflecting you bring up good points that I overlooked. Well, I believe I posted before thinking - or reacting to an action with instinct and no logic. I tend to do that sometimes and regret later. Something for me to work on.

I am with you on parenting. I have many moments where I feel horrible over decisions I have made and whether or not they were right.

I have been sharing the bread with co-workers as well. This way my family can have a little, but not too much! :o)