Monday, June 29, 2009

Making the commitment

Making plans is an easy task. Completing or committing to them is another gesture indeed. I make plenty of lists and plans. I think every purse has one, the frig, the computer, my Daytimer.... Most of them look really wonderful in completion in my mind.

In my mind I have a beautiful raised bed garden providing a bounty of fresh vegetables. I also have a completely organized house and garage too. I have already mastered a couple of things on the sewing machine and I have a healthy and trim body from all the working out and proper eating I have been doing.....religiously.

Now for reality. I have to admit that we have had some great vegetables from our planted vegetables in pots this year. I have some cantaloupe, squash, potatoes and pumpkin growing in the back too. I won't blame myself on the raised beds this year. It just wasn't in the budget. I have been working on organizing the house. I managed to get my kitchen and pantry done. So a work in progress is good. It's like a cycle too. Once I'm done with the last organizing chore I am sure the kitchen will be needing it again.

The sewing has not gotten off the ground because I have not been able - or made the time on the weekend to get some supplies and start practicing. It's clearly a matter of getting that "me" time in regardless. If I don't, I'll never get to sew. I may have to go to Wal-Mart (shutter at the thought, but there's a store near the house) to get fabric and supplies.

Brings me back to my lack of exercise and not making the time. I know not having time is the lamest excuse in the book, so I can't use that one. My pal Janet told me..."just do it". She's absolutely right and it's as simple as that. So what the hell is my problem then? Why can't I just get up @ 4:00am and do it?

All I can think of is that I'm truly not behaving like I'm that high up on the list of daily life. I make sure everyone else is taken care of first as well as the house and other daily needs. Setting the alarm extra early just doesn't happen. I just keep putting it off into infinity.

It's positively ridiculous that this is happening considering that without my health and vitality I have nothing. I can't love and cherish my family if I'm not here. I can't frolic and play if I'm too unhealthy or out of shape. So after all the times I've pledged for change, could I be trusted to make and keep another commitment? The only person I have to report to is myself.

So I guess it's time to give myself another chance to make a change and also quit being so hard on myself if things don't get done if I'm taking time out for my health and sanity. Most importantly, putting me more on top of the list of daily life is in order too. That may be harder for me to do than getting up at 4:00am in the morning. :o)

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athomewiththeknights said...

I need to get off my butt and organize stuff around here, too. My bedroom closet may attack me at any moment now. 4am is a bit early in the morning to be working out. Maybe you can do it every other day and go to bed early the night before? Enlist Chris' help with the kids those nights and go to bed! While I'd much rather be snuggled in bed at 5am, I realize how much better I feel (and how much better my shorts look on me!) when I'm out the door by 5:30. Some days are easier than others.

As for the sewing, you just need to come over here for a class. Too bad we can't clone ourselves, right!?