Tuesday, June 16, 2009

On the loose again

The streaker is on the loose again! Try and catch him if you can.

Bella colored me a picture of a special house in celebration. Those colors to the right of the house, left of the tree and over the flower are fireworks. Her interpretation was so cute.

I made a salad for dinner and used the leftover shrimp I made Sunday. I threw them in the oven for a spell just to crisp them back up again. I used up the last of my ripe tomatoes. I have to wait until more ripen now.

I want to thank Val for clearing my head a little bit regarding the Gosselin clip. I unfortunately tend to react first and think later. Not a good thing. There have been plenty of instances where I have reacted and then realized that I should remember to look at things from all angles first. Definitely humbling when realizing that parenting is a challenge for everyone. Even more humbling when it comes to my parenting. I think I am doing the best I can, yet I know I fail at times. Thanks for bringing me back to Earth.

It's been about a week and a half since Bella has had any food dye and we can definitely see the difference. Chris even commented on how easier it was to wake her in the morning. She's cheerful, friendly and is listening. She seems more confident and more articulate. Even sitting still long enough to read and do her art. She still gets all excited and plays like crazy with Kris, but that's what we live for.

Maybe I need to learn from this too.... Gotta finish that darn bottle of One-A-Day vitamins with the red food dye so I can clear my mind too. ;o)

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