Monday, June 15, 2009

Put it near the top.

Put baking my item near the top of my list of priorities, gets it done. I was not going to let the weekend pass until it was made and I made it! The banana nut bread won the vote and turned out very moist and delish! Chris added some orange marmalade to the top and it set it off nicely. The recipe was super easy and fast. I posted the recipe on my food blog (yes, that poor thing needs more recipe updates) I'll be making this again! I'll have to decide what will compete with the Chocolate Ganache Tart this weekend.

Last night I battered up some shrimp and cooked them in some olive oil. Dipped in the egg wash and then this fish batter I found that was all natural. Man they turned out crispy and great! Dad made me some of his horseradish dip and I dug right in! Bella enjoyed some along with a piece of salmon. She's like me and loves the seafood! I have plenty of leftover shrimp and I think I'll toss them in the oven to crisp them back up and maybe throw them in a salad or just dip and munch again for tonight. Another one I'll be making again!

After baking the bread and waiting for Kris to wake from his late nap, we went next door to Nanna and Nannu's house for a visit. They brought out the sprinklers and hose so the kids could play. I wore my suit so that I could cool off as well! I had to take this picture. Love the outfit!

He doesn't dig the sprinklers as much as just sitting and splashing. Just get a couple of mixing bowls and a water hose and he's good to go.

Bella liked the sprinkler and would come and give him a fill up every now and then.

Bella is getting a nice tan this summer. They take her twice a week for swimming lessons at school, plus outdoor play, then the pool at home with more outdoor play. Even with the sunblock, they still get sun. She has my mom's Maltese nice olive skin. Lucky thing.

It seems in order to play outside we have to incorporate water somehow. It's just too darn hot. Saturday we went to a neighbor's house for a going away party for a fellow going off to Iraq in the military for a year or so. They rented this giant blow up water slide and the kids were having a ball with it. Even the adults were having their go. They also filled up a little kiddie pool and that's where Kristjan hung out most of the time.

Next weekend Chris will be brewing and I will baking and cleaning. I think I'll try to make some bulk items to stock up the freezer again. I also want to get some material and items for sewing so I can start practicing. I can't believe I haven't had a chance to do it yet. I want to make as many gifts as I can this Christmas. Better get crackin!

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