Monday, June 1, 2009

Such a scatter brain

This weekend we have Ninnie and Emily over to visit and it has been delightful. The girls have been playing away. We put the pool to good use this weekend, I did some grocery shopping with my little man, grilled some barbecue chicken on Saturday where Bella found she loved barbecue sauce and Sunday we visited and had lunch with Mama Ruby where Bella ate and enjoyed her first shrimp. Sunday evening I made pizzas for the adults and let the girls top their own.

Today Bella stayed home from school so she could play one last day with Emily before she returns home. I figured there are only three days of school left...what is she going to miss? Bella will miss Emily dearly. They get along well even with the age difference. Maybe one day they won't be so far apart from each other and they can grow up together. We figure we can't do anything as far as that until 2012 when Chris has ten years vested. Then of course we are hoping by then the economy will be back to normal or doing really well.

I have some pictures from this weekend and will post later. My mind is spinning in many directions and I have lists developing. For some reason my organization skills have left me and I feel like a child in a messy room without a thought of where to begin and I can't just shove the stuff under the bed! I have a spring cleaning and reorganizing list in the works as well as other projects in my mind that I would like to become reality. I just have to make the time and make it happen.

This coming Saturday I am going to a sleep over! It's at my pal's house where a few moms will get together to swap coupons, eat, drink and be merry. Instead of being merry and drive, we'll just pretend we are kids again and sleep over!

Chris and I are going to take a week off in July to just stay home. Kids will still go to daycare so that we can both get household things done that we can't fit in during the week or weekend. Things like detail cleaning and organizing, painting, gardening, car detailing and perhaps even some quiet time. We'll probably still take the kids to the beach or something, but we can't afford to go anywhere this summer and there are a ton of things to do at home.

We have in plan to travel up to Gatlinburg Tennessee this fall for a few days to get our mountain fix. We have not been there in a couple of years and it's way past due! Let the kids run free in the fields, go for walks on nature trails, play near a mountain stream, shop in Gatlinburg, visit the brewery, eat some good southern food or just get away for a while.

We are just going to keep our fingers crossed that Kristjan is up for another long road trip. Chris still twitches when he thinks back to the last road trip with stop and go traffic for 15 hours with the last full hour with a screaming baby.

Time to save for that TV screen (I have a DVD player built in the car, but no screen...go figure) and lots of Elmo movies!

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