Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Surviving the Florida heat

Sometimes I wish I knew that the economy was going to tank (I am sure everyone does!). If I knew, we may not have sold our first home to buy this one. The only reason is that we owe more on this house than what it's worth now. That's a bummer and I know we are not alone with that issue right now.

With our first home we had good equity and lower mortgage payments. Problem we had with our first home was not the home itself. It was brand new! We watched it being built. The problem was the neighborhood. We had a home right behind us that we could not block by fence, neighbors on each side with cars on blocks, weight benches in the yard, trash everywhere, drugs going on etc.

Our current home is a little bit bigger, it's in a somewhat deed restricted community where people are expected to keep their homes clean and neat outdoors (not all participate well unfortunately), my parents are just a house away and last but not least - we have a pool.

We love the pool. We are thankful to have it, even with the housing market down. We are able to enjoy the outdoors more, even in the middle of the day when it's unbearably hot outside. It's also a great way to have fun with the family without having to go elsewhere and spend money. I love to grill outside, put the music on, watch the kids play and eat dinner out there too. Just to get away from the Nintendo DS, computer and television for a while.

This year Kristjan decided he just wanted to hang out on the top step and splash the water with his feet and hands. He will not get in a floaty and doesn't want to swim. At least not at the moment. Last year he was floating, splashing and trying to swim. I'll just let him do what makes him happy right now. I'm sure he's just being cautious and will want to get more involved in his own time.

Emily and Bella wanted to be in the pool as much as possible. I can remember being that way too. Even now I don't want to get out at times!

I was going to sign Bella up for swimming classes at our local YMCA but found out that this summer while at daycare they will be going to a college near by to their Olympic pool twice a week. The ladies said that by the end of the summer she will be swimming without her wings and that they will teach the children to swim. I think she will learn well with them. She won't let Chris or I teach her and I think being with other children that are learning will work better for her.

Bella's last day of school is tomorrow and then she's at daycare all day. It won't be a drag though. Every Monday they will go bowling, every Tuesday they will go to the local roller rink, and every Wednesday and Friday they will go to the college to swim. Sounds like she will have a fun and active summer with her friends.

Ahh...to be a child again. I miss it so. Bella slow down. Growing up isn't all it's cracked up to be.


Val in the Rose Garden said...

Awww... a pool. My kids are begging me for one. But we don't live in FL... here in Western WA it would be a waste of money 10 mos a year.

Great pictures of your kids though. We all wish we knew what the market was going to do. It really does bring up a lot for folks.


Nessa said...

I have an aunt that lives in Washington State. She loves the rain and weather there. You guys do have a beautiful landscape over there. I took a road trip from Santa Clara California up through Oregon, Washington and Idaho and it was just beautiful! Florida is not very "pretty" except by the beach or special garden spot. No mountains or cascading rivers! I'd love to go back out west to visit and soak up the nature you have out there.