Tuesday, June 9, 2009


When I got home last night, Chris gave me the gesture not to make too much noise and told me to look in the living room. How cute is this? Apparently after Chris picked them up from school they were very happy and talkative. Kristjan kept saying "cracker?" and Bella was giving him her list of foods she wanted to eat for snack. They got home and went in the living room to watch a bit of Spongebob while Chris made snacks. Chris first went to check email (or facebook most likely) and after a minute, asked Bella if Kristjan was alright because it had gotten "too quiet". There was no response so he asked again. He said he got up to see why she hadn't answered and he found them both crashed on the couch.

Needless to say we had a problem later getting them to fall back asleep for bedtime but we couldn't wake them, they looked too peaceful.

Another tidbit of sweetness happened yesterday too. Bella and Kristjan attend the same daycare and while Bella is out of school she's there all day (except for field trips). Yesterday Bella's class went out to play in their playground at the same time Kristjan's class did. They are separated by a fence. Kris saw Bella and called to her and then almost figured how to open or get his way out to get to her. Of course the teachers saw this and closed the gate. Kris was upset that he could not get to her though. I think it's so very sweet that he loves her that much already. Things may change when she's a teen and he's older, but for now....he loves playing with his older sister.

Forgot about this picture. This is from Friday when she was home with daddy with her temperature. She watched "The Polar Express 3D" again. I know it's not Christmas, but she likes that movie. The 3D on it is very cool indeed.

I wonder if they will ever come out with the movie "Troy" on 3D. I could handle Brad Pitt as Achilles in 3D just fine I think.

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