Friday, June 12, 2009

Want to be a better baker

Let me rephrase that. I want to learn to bake and make desserts and then become better and more comfortable with it. I am much more a cook. Desserts have always intimidated me. Since I have started baking breads, I have fallen in love with it. Put a dough ball in the oven and the out comes beautiful bread. It's a wonderful process. I'm still just a beginner with the bread and want to branch out and make more varieties.

I want to practice with the desserts so I came up with the idea that every weekend I'll make one homemade treat. To make it even more fun I decided to put each weekend to a vote. On Facebook I purposed two items for this weekend and the one with the most votes I will make. The choices for this weekend was Chocolate Ganache Tart (above) or Banana Nut Bread. I think after I make the item, I'll post a picture and perhaps the recipe if it ends up being a true keeper.

I was not able to make the Banana Nut Bread the other day and I was bummed about that. Doing anything like that on a week day is pushing it on time. I think I can handle one thing a weekend and I'm sure I will love the process and hopefully the outcome. I don't think Chris or the kids will mind either.

Oh! I have to also say the I am excited that one of my favorite authors Michael Pollan is coming out with a documentary this month! I can't wait to see it. Go to to check out the trailer. It's an inside and in depth look and where our food comes from. Things that have been hidden from the consumer with the consent of our government (USDA and FDA) for years.

Oh I go again. The food supply is controlled by a handful of large corporations that obviously put profit before the consumer, their employees and animal welfare. Even though we have bigger breasted chickens (the consumer wants the breast most in a chicken), insecticide resistant soybean seeds, and GMO corn we also have new strains of e coli bateria causing illness to an estimated 73,000 Americans annually.

Most importantly this country has a staggering obesity rate, particularly in young children and an epidemic level of diabetes among adults. In the past meat was not on every breakfast, lunch and dinner menu. Meat used to be an item saved for treats or Sunday dinner. Now, we are able to eat meat conveniently whenever and where ever we please and at a low cost to the consumer. Problem is, the genetically processed and antibiotic ridden, GMO corn fed animals are making us all sick, obese and prone to diabetes.

So we can eat our meat for less; however, our lifestyle of eating too much of it is causing expensive medical problems to consumers. Save now at the grocery store, pay later with high health care and medication costs. Hmm.... are your eyes opening yet? It's much better on us, the state of health care costs and the environment to eat a healthier diet with grass fed organic beef, pork and chicken. Did you know that if everyone made just one day a week a vegetarian day, it would lower greenhouse gases as much as if everyone in the country switched to driving a Toyota Pruis? Surely people can survive just one day without meat. Our family does it all the time.

I know, I mentioned it before as "happy meat" and yes I did fall off the vegetarian diet rather fast didn't I? My family members still wanted their fish and meat fare and I'm not going to spend all my time in the kitchen preparing three different meals. So back to eating our organic or free range meats in moderation. I usually use meat as a flavoring or texture accompaniment instead of the "main attraction". I don't need a slab of animal meat with every meal.

We have got to re familiarize ourselves with fruits, vegetables, whole grains (not Wonder bread or white rice), nuts and legumes. With all of that you can make a plethora of wonderful dishes and be doing your body and your planet a great service.

Sorry...this subject always gets me all excited!

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Val in the Rose Garden said...

Micheal Pollan is coming out with a MOVIE!?! OMG that is SO crazy exciting! I wish you lived closer to me so we could watch it together.

I am not a baker either. In fact, even my bread fails most of the time. But I am sure you will get there. I have the added bonus of not really caring. ;)