Monday, July 20, 2009

Back to the routine

Sorry everyone! I was off last week on "staycation" and I didn't really spend any time on the computer. I also made a point to avoid the news which was refreshing. Don't get me wrong, knowing what's going on in the world is important but I think there is just too much media doom and gloom pumped 24 hours a day. I also seemed to forget to take any pictures too. Sorry. Really though, a picture of me cleaning out my car or scrubbing the stove really isn't that interesting. :o)

Chris went to NY for a few days to visit his best friend that turned 40 this year. He ate way too much. His friend is a sales rep for a food company and is an excellent cook. He always feeds us very well when we visit!

While Chris was away Bella and I visited with my friend Kristin and her daughter Quinny over in Orlando. We stayed in their hotel room and then she treated us to Blizzard Beach the next day. Bella and I had a blast! Kristjan got to spend the night with Nanna and Nannu for the first time. The rest of the week Chris and I stayed home and cleaned, swam, gardened and relaxed. There were days of intense cleaning, a day of intense baking (which was my favorite) and a couple of days of just hanging around.

My day of baking was fun. I made some small rolls, big loaves, olive and rosemary focaccia bread and I made some whole wheat and regular pasta too. I could have baked and made food all day. I could do it everyday all day.

We did leave the house one day to walk around B&N and then window shop at the mall. I signed up for some complimentary cooking technique classes at Williams-Sonoma. We then went to lunch at a great German pub and restaurant. They still make the best Reubens ever!

We still took the kids to school all week so that we could get the projects done at home. We wanted to get some things done that we can't seem to get to on the time crunched weekends. We did pull them out on Friday and took them to the beach for the morning. All we had to pay for was gas and ice. We packed our lunches and headed out. Bella loves the beach and hated to leave. Kristjan was busy chasing the seagulls. We did take pictures with a regular camera with film because I didn't want to bring the nice camera to the beach. As soon as I can get it developed, I'll get them on here.
As if the caterpillars and stink bugs weren't bad enough, the squirrels eat their fair share of my poor tomatoes too! I think some cayenne spray will do the trick. As long as I can just get a day without rain long enough to keep them at bay. They pick the tomato, stash it in a safe place to soften (top of the pool screen) and then come back later to feast.
Saturday I had my pals Janet and Alex with their two daughters over for some swimming and grilling. We had some fun in the pool until the storms came, then Kristjan lied down for a little Nemo time before his nap. Alex lied down next to him to watch the movie. Kristjan did fall asleep, but Alex fell asleep first! They both took a nice 2 hour nap! Heck, it may have been longer than that! Obviously, they both needed the sleep. Very cute.

The sky!!! Alex is very tall and when he picks up Kristjan he looks like a little doll. Kris was to excited to be able to touch the sky.

Now to get back to the routine of it all. I miss being home and in the kitchen.

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athomewiththeknights said...

OMG, I love that picture of Alex. Too dang funny. And the one of Kristjan touching the "sky" is precious. He looks so happy! Glad you all had a nice week off and sorry you had to go back to work.

I'm going to go heat up some leftover Gen. Tso's for lunch now. :)