Monday, July 6, 2009

A mermaid is born

Look who shed her swimmies (water wings) and also found the courage to jump right in!

She's been swimming at daycare's summer camp program and as they said "she will be swimming without her wings before the end of summer." They were correct! She's now a fish and wants in the pool all the time. She loves going under the water with her goggles on and as you can see, is not afraid to jump anymore.

Here she is with her brother giving cheers, swimming in the deep end over to the other step. We are so very proud of her and happy she's more comfortable in the pool now.
Here's our budding little fish. He hangs out on the deck, the first step or in our arms in the pool. Even though he loves the water, he's happy just to be outdoors. We also roll his high chair out on the lanai so he can eat outside. He just sits there looking at birds, squirrels and watches us play. We try and eat out there as often as we can. Sometimes though, it's just to darn hot out.

We try to venture out to the backyard later in the day. Kristjan loves some high action swing time and also digs the slide too.

After all that recreation it's time to crash. We put Elmo on for him and then moments later he got up on the couch with Donald and took a little nap.

Where are all the throw pillows? Oh, in the fort again.

Daddy decided to check out the fort too. Looks a little cramped in there. I remember grabbing all of my mom's extra sheets and making huge forts in my room. I had a bunk bed and I would seal the whole thing off with sheets.

I have some buds on my cantaloupe plants. They are growing like weeds in the back yard. Cool thing is, I didn't even plant them there! I've been using the back corner as my make shift compost pile (until I can make one or buy one) and it seems the cantaloupe pieces I threw up there decided to sprout and grow. I also have potatoes and pumpkin growing back there. I wonder if they will produce.

Need any oregano? Ever since I planted mine in our sandy ground, it has really taken off. I use it in many dishes and it still looks vibrant. Too bad my basil doesn't reproduce as quickly. I do use that herb the most. I need a back yard filled with it to fill my culinary wants!

The childhood buddy. I have a teddy bear that I've had since I was a baby that I have in safe keeping (somewhere in this house). Chris has his baby pillow that he keeps near the bed - not in the bed (lol!). Bella has a little stuffed dog named "Lucy" that she sleeps with every night. She must always know where Lucy is. Lucy has been washed many times and isn't fluffy any more, but she's still a very loved little dog. Kristjan also has a buddy. It's this little Donald Duck. He just took to it and snuggles with it when he's tired or in need of pacifying. At bedtime, if he doesn't see Donald in bed he says "duck?". It's imperative to find it.

Luckily Donald hasn't made it to the trash. I had to run out and get him another pair of sandals this weekend after finding out that he threw away a sandal from his previous pair. We found this out after a frenzy search through the house and after the garbage man had come. I'm sure some toy cars and other things have made it to the dump too. We are constantly keeping him from "putting things away" in the garbage can. At least he's a neat freak right? Just need to find another lidded container for him to put things in other than the trash can. :o)

Today with all the technology I have at my finger tips like the laptop, computer at work, magazines, printed out recipes, recipe books, recipe binders and emailed recipes I finally found something that makes the best sense for me to use. A good old fashioned recipe box. I made a place for it on the counter top where I do my prep work. It's neat and easy to access. No more losing printed recipes and having all this paperwork all over the counter space. I've been jotting down the recipes I do most often. I still love my magazines and books, but for those recipes from my head or sent via email or printed out from online, this works best for me. I think I'll paint it one of these days. It needs some vine leaves and grapes painted on it I think.

Sunday has become pizza night at our house lately. Here's a batch rising for the occasion.

Bella's cheese pizza. She tops it herself. I find that this pizza almost tastes better than the fully loaded version. Sometimes it's nice just to taste some cheese and red sauce. This pizza will feed her another dinner and then she'll take some slices to school in her lunch box. That is, if mom and dad haven't attacked it too badly.

Every Sunday I seem to make a different variety. This pizza had capers, ham, green olives, mushrooms, spinach, crushed red pepper, fennel seeds, onions, feta and boiled eggs. Last Sunday I made a pesto pizza which turned out fantastic. My basil supply is very low and I need to plant more before I can make another.

This pizza was extra fun because I let Bella put all the toppings on. She even sliced up the eggs and sprinkled them on. She's getting more involved in the kitchen and that totally warms me up inside.

This three day weekend was a very nice treat. I love being home and with the family. Next week Chris and I are taking a staycation. Some time off where we just stay home. We will be relaxing, cleaning, organizing, hopefully painting, gardening and relaxing some more. We have some projects in the works that we just can't get to on the weekends. My car is in great need of a detailing and washing and I'm looking forward to be able to finally brew a batch of beer with Chris. We'll take one day to do that one.

I can't wait to have a week off and be at home. I'll make sure to treasure every moment and hope that time passes so very slowly.


athomewiththeknights said...

WTG, Bella! I wish I had a pool so I could teach mine to swim. I bet she's having a blast in there now.

I, too, love my recipe box. One of the girls will eventually end up with it at some point.

You're home this week?! Rock on! I hope you guys have a great week.

Nessa said...

I'm at work this week, at home next week. I am so looking forward to it.

YOu guys are welcome any time for swimming!