Thursday, July 9, 2009

Office helper

Here's Bella at work with me today. Before we left the house this morning Bella was complaining of having a "frog in her throat" that she could not clear and it was upsetting her. When we got to daycare, she really became upset. I dropped Kristjan off and then proceeded to bring her to work. She does have a bit of a runny nose but is in great spirits as you can see. I guess it's good she's here to color, watch movies and play with her DS verses running around if she does in fact have a little bug. I need her well for this Saturday! We will be meeting my best friend Kristin who lives in New York in Orlando where we will be going to a large water park there.

Perhaps I've been had, but it is nice to have her with me today.

She did make me a hamburger for lunch though. It's not a hat, it's a double decker hamburger. See the sesame seeds on top? I find this interesting because she's never eaten a hamburger and I never eat double deckers! Perhaps she's been paying attention when mommy has Foodtv on.

Ok, now back to work.


Val in the Rose Garden said...

Wow! What a cutie. :) I like her double decker hamburger. ;) She seemed to weather the work day well.


Nessa said...

She does pretty good until the end of the day when she becomes stir crazy. Can't blame her...I get that way too! :o)

athomewiththeknights said...

Ah, so what if you've been had! I get that at night - "mommy, I can't sleep, can I just lay in your bed for a little while?" Like I'm ever going to say no and she knows it. ;)

Have major fun this weekend. I know we will! My SIL is spending the night again on Sunday, so we'll leave AK and then head over to the Polynesian to sit on the beach and wait for MK's fireworks at 10. Niiiiiiiice.