Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A picture can tell a thousand words

This picture is an example of that. What is he trying to say here?
  1. Get this uncomfortable diaper off of me and get me some fruit-of-the-looms!
  2. Please get me a potty seat.
  3. I want to streak through the house but this diaper is stuck!
  4. My butt itches!
  5. Whazz up? Just trying to dress like the teens down the street. Droopy drawers are cool right?
  6. Just checking out my assets mommy.
  7. Hey mom! Aren't these diapers filling up all the landfills?
  8. What are you looking at? I was just airing things out a little bit.
"Tickle tickle!!" Bella is happy that Kristjan is old enough and willing enough to play with. They tear through the house like crazy monkeys. I have to put the gates up, not just to keep Kristjan out of trouble, but to slow them down!

Here's my little tribute to Micheal Jackson. I saw some of the memorial, listened to his friends speak of his life and sobbed when his daughter cried out her love for him. I was wrong about him. He seemed odd to us only because he was constantly picked on and judged. He was a gentle soul and only wanted happiness for others. Most of his songs were about finding inner peace and equality in all. He's a part of my childhood and luckily his music will live on. I don't believe that he molested any children, there are people out for money, not matter the cost to others. I believe he loved children because they are still real within their hearts. R.I.P.

One of my jobs as a mom is to teach my children to not judge others, stay true to their hearts and be happy in life and also remember to live through those teachings as well.

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