Monday, July 27, 2009

Pizza Sunday and Kristjan's art debut

Kristjan is starting to create his own art pieces. I have a long flat bin under my bed with all of Bella's art through the years. When I say all, I mean it too. I have kept every single thing she has made and the bin is packed. I think I need to share more with the grandparents and learn that I can't possibly keep them all and just save the extra special ones. Now I need another bin for Kristjan's goodies.
Sunday is pizza night at our house. At least we try our best to plan it that way. Here's the turkey breast, onion, green olive and mushroom pizza.

I made this one especially for Chris. He loves his cheese pizza. Just about the only time he will actually eat more than just feta cheese. It had ricotta, feta and mozzarella with roasted garlic. He liked it so much he didn't even bother trying the other pizza.

Saturday; which is usually my main cooking day, I hit a wall in the afternoon. I had planned to make salmon cakes with roasted vegetables but ended up having Chinese takeout. What happened? Well, my day started out fine. I went to my morning appointment, went to the produce stand, then visited my friend Kimberly's to barter home brew for some of her farm fresh eggs, and after that took the kids to the grocery store. I came home and swam for a bit with the kids and then watered the garden. When I came back inside I suddenly felt nauseous, weak and dizzy. The thought of making dinner was completely daunting and I didn't even want to eat at the time. I rested for a time and then managed to get up to feed the kids because it was getting late. I then thought I better make something when Chris suggested we just get some wonton soup and vegetables.

I now have what seems to be a head cold that I am trying to keep at bay. I got a letter this morning that there was a child at the children's daycare/camp that was diagnosed with Influenza A of which HINI is included. Not sure what that exactly means, but they are on high alert doing extra to sanitize and reemphasising to the children to wash-wash-wash their hands! Needless to say I'm very concerned.

Last night I had two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and even had chicken soup for lunch today. Let me tell you about that apple cider dose. It sucks! Apparently, I have a friend that takes two tablespoons of it every morning and hasn't had a cold in 5 years. Chris suggested I take a dose. It supposedly fixes the PH in your body. Which is interesting because Saturday morning I was told by a skin care professional that putting a cap full of apple cider vinegar in with the kid's bath water will add acid to counter the alkaline from the chlorine in the city water. It's the chlorine from the bath water and pool that bothers the kid's skin as well as the chemical laden sunscreen and kiddie soaps. My kids only use fragrance free mild soaps and "natural" sunscreen now. She told me a layer of baby oil or Vaseline over the sunscreen will keep the pool water from absorbing into their skin. I haven't tried it yet, but I assume they will become quite slippery. :o)
No, it's not the Napa Valley, it's Florida! Saturday when I went to see my friend to barter home brew for eggs she also gave me a tour of their brand new house. It was like a dream. They had been planning this house for years and it seems every element in it was heavily thought out and tailored just for their needs. It had beautiful hickory floors and her kitchen was gorgeous. They put some European elements into the house such as bamboo blinds, balconies, travertine tile and even a bidet in the master bath which puzzled the "local" construction workers. The best part of the house is that it sits on top on one of the highest hills in Florida and from their front porch you can see for miles. For flat old Florida, it's a rare benefit.

They built a new chicken coop to match their horse and cattle barn. Those chickens are living it up! They really seemed to love their new home and seem to thank them by laying plenty of eggs. The eggs I brought home were fresh from that morning. I made one scrambled egg with Bella's dinner and she loved it so much, there wasn't a crumb left on her plate. It's amazing how much more flavorful and bright orange they are compared to store bought eggs.

I was also informed why store bought eggs have a much higher salmonella and bacteria risk. Fresh eggs have a protective membrane on the shell to keep bacteria from penetrating and getting into the egg. You should only truly wash your egg (if you do) right before you intend to cook them. The store bought eggs are bleached and cleaned before (good old FDA) they reach the store and the protective membrane is removed which allows bacteria such as salmonella to penetrate the shell. I wish I could have my own chickens. Not sure if the home owners association would dig that idea. I'll just have to keep going over to Kimberly's!

Another book lover! If Kris isn't asking to go outside or look at the fishies, he's pulling books out of the bookshelf. He absolutely loves animals and will flip through and carry around little animal books all day long. He's either got his duck, Nemo dvd case or a book in his hand at all times.
Here's a morning ritual that I used to do. Get up out of bed to only find a blanket and pillow in the living room to lay down yet again. Bella is like me in the mornings...slow. We wake her up a little early on purpose so that she can get her "wake up and stretch time" before she gets dressed for school. If you wake her and make her get ready right away you end up with an emotionally charged morning. Not a good thing. It's a slow process, but it works.

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athomewiththeknights said...

Ack! Watch out for that swine flu! You know, it really is the only flu around at the moment. :) Alex swears by apple cider vinegar, too, even though it is oh-so nasty! Blech.

Hope you're feeling better soon.