Friday, July 31, 2009

Week ending August 7th

Sat - Grilled Cornish game hens with grilled zucchini & roasted sweet potato.
Sun - Pizza!
Mon - Penne with ricotta, spinach & pine nuts. I'll also be throwing in the leftover game hen meat.
Tues - Portobello, broccoli & red pepper melts with butter bean salad.
Wed - Homemade breaded chicken tenders with roasted cauliflower & petite peas
Thur - Salmon cakes with brown rice salad.
Fri - Leftovers / Pantry and freezer hunt

I'll have to thank mom and dad for the game hens. They will be over for dinner and my dad's a pro at grilling these babies. I felt I needed to make sure and fit in another evening for the melts again for Chris since he loved them so much and I'll try again to make the salmon cakes I meant to make last Saturday. Gotta use as much of what I have before buying something else.

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