Friday, July 24, 2009

Week ending July 31st

It's been since May that I posted any menu. Not a very consistent idea is it? Typical of my behavior and my self diagnosed ADHD problem. Here's an example of my brain at home:

I'm in the kitchen in the middle of scrubbing the sink when I decide right in the midst of it that I must get the clothes out of the dryer. I get the clothes and place the basket on the floor to fold. I manage to fold most of the clothes when I see that Bella left her DS on the living room floor, so I go get it and put it in her room where it belongs. Once in her room I am reminded that I need to get her sheets off the bed for washing. I gather the sheets and her laundry basket and head to the garage. I notice my unfinished folding job and remind myself that I need to finish it. Back to the laundry basket. All of the clothes are folded. Now time to put them away. I go to my room to hang shirts when I notice there are toys in there that Kristjan stashed. So halfway into that project I pick up the toys and put them away. On my way back from that I remember the darn kitchen sink and finally finish that up. Later in the day, I will find a pile of clothes still on my bed waiting to be hung.

Now where was I? Oh, the menu for the week. See what I mean?!

Sat - Salmon cakes w/ chive yogurt dressing & roasted vegetables
Sun - Home made pizza
Mon - Portobello, broccoli & red pepper melts with butter bean salad
Tues - Warm quinoa, spinach, and shiitake salad
Wed - Greek chicken cutlets with rosemary potatoes
Thurs - Gazpacho
Fri - leftovers / pantry & freezer hunt

I'm having a Martha Stewart recipe week it looks like. They have a show I listen to on Sirius during the day where they feature easy and healthy dishes. Some of them sounded so good and shouldn't be too bad on the budget. Next week I want to try some Disney recipes.

I'm trying very hard to use as much of what I have in the pantry along with produce from our farmer's market. The salmon we've had in the freezer for some time now. I'll chop and combine all of those little fillets that seem too small to grill or broil alone. I can clip some chives from my dad's herb garden for the dressing and make the bread for the melts. I have plenty of quinoa in the pantry and if the shiitakes are too expensive, I can just use different mushrooms.

What I am looking forward to most is the chilled gazpacho. I have a feeling I am going to love that one and it's the easiest dish on the list.

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