Monday, August 17, 2009

It's one or the other

Kristjan has a follow up appointment at the pediatrician for his recent bout with an ear infection tomorrow. Good thing, because I think the infection is back. This weekend his eyes were watery and clogged, he kept rubbing his ears, had a mild temperature and was generally fussy. Poor dude. Is it teething or the ears again? I don't know, we will find out tomorrow.

Chris will be taking him and I have a few questions prepared for the doctor regarding the ears. We need a run down on the frequency of the ear infections. I think they are too frequent and I feel badly that my little man may be putting up with constant pain from his ears. His quality of life and his gusto is compromised when he's not feeling well due to the ear infections. Whether they are mild and bearable to highly infected and miserable, it's a horrible thing. Having him on so many antibiotics is not good for his immune system either. I hate it.

Bella had her tubes and adenoids removed when she was 2 years old and hasn't had an ear infection since (knocking on wood as I type this). She had chronic infections, much more frequent than Kris and she didn't handle the pain very well. Her hearing and well being was compromised and the procedure had to take place. I'm not in complete promotion to the "surgery fix all theory", but if it is needed for him, I'm all for it. First though, I think he needs to be seen by the ear, nose and throat specialist. The fella that performed the surgery and took care of Bella is a wonderful doctor and I trust his expertise. He needs to look at him and see what needs to happen. He usually also performs extensive hearing tests.

Secondly, the pacifier will have to go soon. The constant suction from that thing can't be helping the matter. It's going to be just as hard on us as it will be on him. Believe me. If we could at least phase it out to just bed time falling asleep usage. He only uses them at home and usually requests one when I walk through the door. I don't know what that says about me...

He also still takes the bottle twice a day. I'm still reluctant to take that from him. He really loves his bottle time still. I've tried milk in all sorts of containers and temperatures and he still wants the bottle to drink it. One thing at a time I guess. He won't be drinking from a baba when he's in college.

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