Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Mini rant time

This coupon was given to me right before I heated my lunch and I just can't understand the reasoning other than profits of course. Just what our country of rising obesity rates needs is another larger version of a burger sold at McDonald's. I'm guessing they are competing with Burger King's different Angus burger varieties. By the way, I'm sure it's the same factory farmed 1000 or more cows per patty beef as well. I mean, really.

With all the data out there on the rates of type 2 diabetes rising among young adults and children as well as the rate of obesity in low income people also suffering from malnutrition, I find it internally sad that the food just keeps getting larger and more fatty by the day.

When questioned about their fatty food, they always answer that they now carry apple slices, apple juice and premium salads on the menu. Those salads; by the way, end up having more calories than a Big Mac after adding the croutons and salad dressings. So why can't they also offer a grilled fish sandwich or mini grilled chicken sandwiches for the kids menu? How about getting rid of all the white bread and use whole wheat? It will still be a highly processed bread, but will at least contain a smidgen of fiber.

Perhaps I should just calm it down and realize that it's simply a burger joint trying to sell more burgers and leave it at that. It is all personal choice, they aren't forcing anyone to eat there. However, it's adds like this coupon and billions in direct marketing that get the millions to eat there. Let's not forget the marketing geared towards children. Just yesterday, when Bella and I went to get lunch she requested McDonald's. Not because of the food; mind you, because she wanted a toy.

I've since given the coupon to someone else.

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Val in the Rose Garden said...

Oh I know. Sigh... you know I know. And for all that, yesterday I went to Jack in the Box for lunch because I was so busy preserving wonderful, good, whole foods that I forgot to eat until 11am and then, being 30 miles from home and no where near anywhere healthy, I ate fast food. Which made me completely sick for the rest of the day. Stomach cramps and all kinds of other fun stuff in that same venue. I hate the way that stuff makes me feel.

Angus has to be the all time top rediculous marketing scheme ever. It is a KIND OF COW people. Being angus has nothing to do with ANYTHING. It doesn't even have more marbling than other beefs (making it more tender)... it is just a type of cow. So stupid.

Just chiming in to say "I totally agree... again" one more time. :)