Monday, August 24, 2009

Overwhelmed with gratitude

Friday evening my neighbor came by and dropped off a huge bag of clothes. She has brought us clothes before and the kids are still wearing some of them. She has a boy that is 4 and a daughter that is 6. The clothes that I gather that no longer fit my kids get donated as well. It's a great cycle. This donation was so immense, I was taken aback. I am so very thankful, it's incredible. This is what she brought us:

For Bella - 5 skirts, 7 pants, 4 PJ's, 3 jackets, 7 dresses and 23 tops.
For Kris - 1 jacket, 3 vests, 10 pants, 3 bathing suits, 3 PJ's, 5 undies, 13 shorts and 36 tops.

I had to go out and buy more hangers to accommodate. This has saved us so much money in clothes, I can't stand it! Most of the clothes for Kris are 3T, but he'll grow into them. The items for Bella fit her now. Now, I will purge their clothes for the outgrown and proceed to donate them so that I can help some one else out in the cycle. Awesome!

Beautiful Bella in one of her new donated dresses. She's very excited to be going back to school and is looking forward to making new friends. Good for her! I was terrified every year - afraid to make new friends. I am so happy she likes school. Her backpack from last year cleaned up just like new and she doesn't care that it's from last year. I'll be keeping in touch with her teacher and plan to sign up to volunteer in the classroom whenever I can.

Here comes trouble! No, he's a good boy. He's the sweetest little thing. He is our true animal lover. That's all he really wants to play with or talk about. Especially the "fishies". I am picturing him as an environmentalist, marine biologist or veterinarian. Bella will be going into politics, law or teaching. Just a hunch I have.

Ever since the binkies went away, he no longer sleeps with Donald. He used to suck the binkie while playing with Donald's tag. I guess it's too much of an association with the binkie. Kind of like the link between cigarettes and coffee or beer perhaps? I know it's a pink dolphin, but we couldn't find his stuffed Nemo so we had to find a fish replacement for him. He didn't seem to care anyway.
Ahh, Malta. This is where mom is now. I hope you are having a good time mom! Think if me when you are enjoying pastizzi, Vivian's cooking and watching the festa.


Anonymous said...

miyesterday we had prawns and a bottle of wine and i wish you were here nessa and chris! i already had pastizzi and i had one for you! i went to see nanna and i gave her bella's picture and she kept on kissing bella's picture.

i wish you were here. latger on there is the feast starting so we are going down to spinola.

lots of love, mum

Nessa said...

Aww!! Glad you are having a good time and glad Nanna is doing well. So sweet. I promise to come next summer!!! We will do all we can to all come together.

Say hi to everyone! Nessa

athomewiththeknights said...

Ahhhh...donated clothes; I love them!! Thankfully, Kali has all of Hannah's clothes just waiting for her. Now, if she'd grow, she could wear some of them!

Did you cook your noodles for the lasagna first?

I hope your mom is having a blast! It looks so beautiful there.

Nessa said...

I don't cook them. I just flatten the dough to level 5 on my pasta thingy and then lay them out. I just layer as is. They are also easy to cut for those odd spaces when you are layering.