Friday, August 14, 2009

Soup time

Last night was the soba noodle soup with Shiitake mushroom and ginger broth night. I first cooked the ginger, mushrooms, shallots and tofu (my little addition) in a little oil.

Then I added my broth (that dark cornish hen broth from the other week) and let it simmer a while.

Added some fresh spinach and chopped scallions. Let simmer some more.

Added the soba noodles that I had precooked, drained and then tossed in a little sesame oil.

It was a very nice and hearty soup. I really enjoyed the all of the textures and deep flavors. It was my first time using soba noodles and I liked their hearty taste. We can only find them at Whole Foods which is far from home but close to Chris's work.

Next time I send him in there for some beef, I'll have to have him pick up some more. I took advantage of him being there yesterday and had him pick up some red quinoa which is very hard to find and always seems to sell out quickly. Probably because it tastes so good!

I've got some anxiety going today. You know, that feeling that you are forgetting something? That's me. Maybe it's all the things on my plate for this weekend. I've got all the things I listed yesterday, which will have to go on the bottom on the list. First I have to go to the produce stand, get groceries, then find time for school shopping, and clean the house. The house has to be cleaned because I really didn't get to it last week and now it's in dire need. In there, I also need to fit in pool time with the kids (because they will be up my rump to swim), playtime with the kids and feeding the kids. Chris is around, but he's usually outside doing lawn stuff while I'm inside doing house stuff.

The kids would rather hang out with me due to the 100 degree weather outside. I can't blame them there. In the winter though, out you go! Mama's gotta clean and you need to play.

I figure the older the kids get, the cleaner the house will be. At least that's my theory anyway. Those with older kids will probably be giving me the bad news shortly...

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athomewiththeknights said...

Here I am to give you your bad news. The bigger the kid, the bigger the mess! (You ought to see Mary's room this week while she's here!! OMG!!!) However, the bigger the kid, the more they can help. Hannah and Kali help out a lot when I ask them.

Your soup looks so yummy! I think I might make a pot of soup when we get back this afternoon. Mary seems to have college "kennel cough" from 1,000's of strange people living in the dorms together. She could use some garlic and onions.