Thursday, August 6, 2009

Week ending August 14th

Just a tad early, but I start working on my grocery list for the next week on Thursday. Sometimes it takes until Friday to get it completed. For some reason I finished early.

Sat - Chicken noodle soup over mashed potatoes
Sun - Ratatouille with brown rice
Mon - Pasta with summer succotash
Tues - Black bean and goat cheese quesadillas with salad
Wed - Roasted vegetables with Quinoa
Thur - Soba noodles with shiitake mushrooms in ginger broth
Fri - leftovers / pantry and freezer hunt

I'll be using some of that chicken broth I made for next week. Some for the chicken soup and some for the Soba soup. I'll make some whole wheat egg noodles for the chicken soup as well.


Val in the Rose Garden said...

Oh yes.... I have been making my "monday menu" all week this week because we have a bunch of stuff coming out of this paycheck and I am trying to make it as budget friendly as possible. Lots of beans and fresh veggies are on the menu. ;) I love your menu! Ratatouille is on ours this week as well. Overwhelmed with Zucchini and don't like zucchini bread. That's what we make!


Nessa said...

Thanks! I'm trying to get as many veggies in there as I can plus use what items I have in the pantry. It's those household items that cost the most. Especially baby items. I'll be getting that potty seat soon!