Thursday, August 13, 2009

Week ending August 21st

Sat - Balsamic flank steak with polenta and roasted tomatoes
Sun - Battered shrimp with vanilla-maple carrots and tossed salad
Mon - Chicken Piccata with sauteed spinach
Tues - Emeril's macaroni salad
Wed - Greek-style quinoa burgers with roasted vegetables
Thur - Pasta with arugula, white beans and walnuts
Fri - leftovers / pantry and freezer hunt

Yes, another Martha Stewart recipe week. Can't help it! They all turn out so good! I'll start tinkering on my own again. I'm just in learning new things mode right now.

Chris went by Whole Foods to pick up the flank steak. It actually was only a couple of dollars more than the regular store beef. I'm using that instead of the skirt steak the recipe calls for because it's a leaner cut and honestly, I am more familiar with that cut of meat. So mom and dad, you both are invited to come over Sat for dinner if you want! I'm making the spinach side instead of the linguine for the Piccata dish to tone down the pasta intake this week.

I'm making the shrimp on Sunday instead of pizza per Bella's request. I bought them last week on sale and she's been bugging me for us to make them. She likes to help me dip them in the batters and cook them just as much as she likes to eat them. While we are at it, I think we'll batter up a new batch of chicken fingers to freeze too.

Cooking ahead projects for the weekend include:
  • Making chicken fingers to freeze
  • Veggie stock
  • make sure to make extra pancakes on Sunday to freeze
  • make chicken with rice for Kris for school (freeze extra)
  • make noodles with red sauce for Kris for school (freeze extra)
  • If we get a case of muscadines or scuppernongs, they need to be washed & put in freezer I hope I have room for all this crap in the freezer. Those grapes will give me a challenge I know. I do have a frig with a freezer in the garage, but it's useless to me because Chris keeps it at 67 some degrees for his beer fermentation. At such a high temp, the freezer will not kick on. That waste of freezer space kills me. I think I have some researching and "window shopping" to do.

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athomewiththeknights said...

You NEED a 2nd freezer. I think I'd die without my fridge in the garage. While I don't need a full 2nd freezer (you know, the huge ones) I did need a freezer/fridge out there. Keeps my bread dough very happy.