Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Action packed weekend

Isabella had a great birthday weekend! Grandma and grandpa arrived Friday and we enjoyed cake and opened presents.
A very happy birthday girl.
The cake had a great taste but wasn't what I had expected. The toothpick came out clean! Perhaps I whipped the batter too much because it wasn't light and fluffy. It was more like a large brownie. Bella said "It's good mommy." That's all that really matters I guess.

She received so many wonderful gifts. Thank you everyone for being so generous. So also received from daddy her own Playstation 2 controller with the Cars - Nader National racing game. She wanted to be able to play the Playstation with daddy. Like father, like daughter...
What's going on here?
Chris decided to borrow Bella's new princess crown.
I knight thee Sir Kristjan of Wackyland.
We took the kids Saturday to the aquarium. While Bella dashes from exhibit to exhibit, Kristjan likes to stay and watch. You have to move him to the next feature. He absolutely loves animals and has a special place in his heart for sea life. He kept saying "Bye Bye fishies."
There was a large sea turtle in this tank. Kris could have stayed there all day saying: "Bye bye turtle."
Some exhibits have rocking chairs or benches so you can sit and enjoy the sights.
Surfs up! Our aquarium has a little water park at the end. There's a large sandbox and plenty of fountains and water guns. For the parents they have a tiki bar facing the water park. Planned brilliantly I think!
At first he just tested the water and after a while he was sitting and playing in the fountains.
This is Bella pressing on the fountain with her feet and spraying her brother with water. Caught in the act! Isn't that what older siblings are for?

After the aquarium we visited a Japanese restaurant where Bella enjoyed the theatrics by the chefs and some yummy shrimp tempura. Chris and I shared some sushi and enjoyed the cooked meal as well. It was a nice lunch. Sunday we enjoyed a nice breakfast out and then came home and played in the pool before heading out to dinner. Thank you for everything Grandma and Grandpa! It was a wonderful day.

Yesterday Chris finished bottling all of the beer he had fermenting. A total of 15 gallons! 5 gallons of Rye IPA and 10 gallons of IPA. We'll have to wait at least four weeks before we can have a taste. I spent the day cleaning a bit, gathering groceries and finding Kristjan some much needed shoes for school. Nannu came back from his trip and joined us for dinner. He brought back some goodies from Disney that he found for both Bella and Kristjan. Kristjan now has "Crush" the sea turtle from Finding Nemo to play with. Put it this way....he wouldn't let him go and even had to sleep with him. I had a little trouble this morning getting it from his grasp before leaving for school!

I'm going to try and get back into some kind of rhythm this week. I actually like these busy weekends because it differs from the blah of the normal schedule. I just need to somehow fit in cleaning, organizing and cooking in the mix. This weekend we may have a BBQ with the neighbors (depends on my chore list) and Sunday mom returns from Malta. I see another event packed weekend in store.

Mom, enjoy your last few days with family in paradise. May time pass ever so slowly for you.


Lorna said...

Hi I am Sarah Marie Lorraine's daughter I am 9 years old I like your blog and pictures. I wish Bella happy birthday what a lovely cake. CCan you give us the recipe please? Bye

Nessa said...

Hi Sarah Marie! I'd love to give you the recipe. I'll post it on my blog when I get a chance. Thank you for the birthday wishes! I can't wait to meet you one day!