Thursday, September 10, 2009

Creamy goodness

I'm really loving risotto lately. I've made my sausage and tomato risotto a few times and it's been such a hit, I wanted to try another recipe. Last night I made Risotto Alla Primavera from my May 2005 Bon Appetite mag. I posted this recipe as the "Recipe of the Week" if you want to check it out.

In a small pot I warmed up 7 cups of broth and kept it on simmer. In my larger dutch oven I first wilted the garlic, onion and leek in butter and olive oil. I added the rice and tossed it a few minutes before I added the white wine. Once the wine absorbed I added broth, two ladles at a time (letting the rice absorb the liquid each time) until the rice was almost done. I then added the asparagus and peas and continued until the broth was gone and the asparagus just wilted. I then removed the pot from the heat and added the butter and parmesan cheese.

Ok, so risotto is not exactly low cal, but man is it decadent. I'll lay off for a while until I make another batch. I'm thinking a porcini mushroom or other mushroom risotto may be my next endeavour.
I had plenty leftover too. My lunch and then enough for dinner tonight. Glad I had leftovers because tonight is open house at school so we won't be getting back home to eat dinner until after seven or so. We'll make sure to give the kids a snack before hand so they don't turn into wild animals while we are there. They are also having a book fair and Bella has her list prepared.

Every time I go to her school I am brought back in time because it's the same elementary school I attended. Same little chairs, same little water fountains and the cafeteria seems so much smaller to me now than what I remember. Of course, I was smaller back then... Some things I can remember like it was yesterday. It's amazing how quickly time passes when you are unaware of it. It seems to pass even faster now that I want to treasure it.


athomewiththeknights said...

Book fair!! OMG, how I remember book fairs. Those were so much fun. :)

Nessa said...

They were great when they sold books. Now they sell fuzzy toys, video games, plastic toys, etc. Hard to get the kids to buy books with all those "toys" on display. That's why we ended up taking her to Barnes & Noble where she selected a couple of reading books and one math book. I grabbed a Thomas the Train book for Kristjan while I was there.