Wednesday, September 9, 2009

First priority

Our evenings are getting even more busy since school is back in session and now that Bella has homework. So far Chris has been helping her with her homework while I cook dinner. We work as a team to get everything done before bedtime. There's a lot to fit into a two hour period of time. Sometimes we eat at a reasonable time, sometimes we are just sitting down to eat and it's 9:00pm. Not good on the waistline, I know and I'm quite sure millions of families are dealing with the same issues.

Those doctors and dietitians that recommend eating dinner no later than 6:00pm must not have an eight to five kind of job. It's virtually impossible for us and if we want to eat as much whole foods as possible, it just takes that much longer to get dinner on the table.

During the week we don't always get to eat together as a family because we don't want Bella and Kristjan eating past their bedtime or just before. Since they both still eat only certain things due to their fussiness, I prepare theirs and feed them all while I'm making lunches for the next day and dinner for Chris and I. If I'm making a kid friendly meal (by their standards) then I'll do all I can to have it ready as soon as possible so that we can all eat together.

Homework time! The rule is that homework must be done before any television or video game time. She gets a little snack when Chris brings her home and time to chill. When I come home, she's got to get her game on. That means, homework, bath and dinner. If there's any time left over before bed, then play your little heart out!
Getting this little guy to smile for the camera is not always easy, especially when he's busy doing something else. He's a happy little dude, just doesn't smile on demand. I say he's got my side of the family in him. That stoic German side. Always so serious all the time. I used to often be accused of walking the halls in school looking angry at the world. To me, I was just walking, not angry at all - did I have to smile at everyone? Hell, now I make special efforts to get out of my shell and smile at people or wave and I get the cold shoulder. People confuse the hell out of me sometimes.

Riddle me this. This is all chicken breast, but they don't look or smell the same. See the different colors between the breasts on the right and left? What's that about? Is one fresher than the other or is it the diet they where fed? Very creepy not knowing the answer. The chicken on the right was Publix Greenwise, supposedly vegetarian fed with no antibiotics and no mention of humane treatment and the chicken on the left is Murray's Chicken that claims to be naturally raised with the addition of being "Certified Humane" (whatever that is).

I've never slaughtered a chicken so I don't know what the meat looks like right after. I'm thinking, the chicken on the left is fresher, though it had a stronger smell. I've been to fresh meat markets overseas and they don't smell too pleasant. I should say, they smell like death. Makes sense, it's a place full of dead animals. So perhaps the Murrays was fresher because it had that familiar smell? I cooked them all and made sure they were cooked all the way of course. I also double scrubbed the whole kitchen area down too. I have to admit, I hate messing with raw meat. I love to eat it, hate to prep it.


athomewiththeknights said...

Crazy chicken there! I'm as stumped as you are. Could be what they were fed.

Love the pictures of Bella on her birthday.

Wanda Barrett said...

Did I share this link with you?
If you check Greenwise chicken it has more sodium than Murray. Not a lot more so I'm not sure that it means that Greenwise 'plumps' their chicken but it would make sense based on your pics. I've never compared side to side like that.

Val in the Rose Garden said...

What an interesting comparison. I have no idea. I only buy chicken from one place though. The idea of added salt makes sense though. That would completely change the color of the meat and it would also make it start to change color (ie; pickled).

I am glad the first days of school are going well for you! She looks so cute sitting there with her daddy. And that stoic pic of your little man is so sweet... he looks just like you.


Nessa said...

I didn't think about the salt. That could very well be it. I was making chicken marsala and I used what chicken I had left. When I layed them all out, I noticed the difference.