Friday, September 4, 2009

Happy Birthday Bella!

Happy Birthday Isabella!
You are seven years young today. I hope that you have a wonderful day.

Last night we made her chocolate cake and set the table for the party. When I get home we will layer and frost the cake, eat dinner, have cake and then open presents. Tomorrow we will have a fun filled day to celebrate. Pictures to come!


Lorna said...

hi ness, yesterday your mum came and we had a pleasant evening at mum and dad's home. She mentioned Bella's Birthday We wish her very best wishes. We hope to see you with your cute kids. Best regards. Lorraine

Anonymous said...

Hi nessa, I'm Cynthia, Lorraine's sister (Effie's daughters). My two kids, Amy Lynn and Jean-Luc sent big hugs and many kisses to Bella and Kris. Happy Birthday Bella!

Nessa said...

Wonderful to hear from you and glad you got to see mom! You'll have to fill me in on how to reach you on facebook! Thanks for the birthday wishes for Bella.