Wednesday, September 23, 2009

It truly is SAD

SAD stands for the Standard American Diet. A diet filled with nutrient-deficient, high calorie food which is causing unprecedented problems of obesity, diabetes and cancer. I'm reading another book on diet and nutrition (Eat to Live, by Joel Fuhrman, M.D.) and discovering some chilling data on the subject. Americans are consuming large amounts of meat, highly refined and processed foods and larger than life portions.

This graph shows the consumption of calories in the US of dairy and animal foods, refined and processed foods and fruits and vegetables. Not looking good for the produce.

Over fifty years ago the USDA started their promotion of the four basic food groups with meat and dairy products being the two most prominent spots on the list. This of course was financed by the meat and dairy industry and backed by nutritional scientists on the payroll of the meat and dairy industry. This program was taught in every classroom in America, advocating a diet loaded with animal protein, fat and cholesterol.

The results were evident as people began consuming more and more animal foods. This program sparked the beginning of the fastest growing cancer epidemic in history. The rates of heart attacks also soared. Political pressure and lobbyists have blocked any change even though the evidence is clear and documented that this diet is a killer.

This is why we see false adds that milk should be your primary calcium source and meat your protein source. Both of these elements are found in most plant foods. Where do you think the cow got their calcium? From the grass. Except now, thanks to factory farms and their inability to eat grass, calcium is fortified into the milk because they are no longer getting enough in their diet of corn, antibiotics, hormones and chicken by-products alone.

Here's something you'll never see advertised on television. Did you know that steak only has 5.4 grams of protein per 100 calories and broccoli has 11.2 grams, almost TWICE as much.

Nutrient chart showing broccoli, steak, romaine lettuce and kale. I think that famous beef add should change to"Kale, that's what's for dinner".

This chart made me stop and shake my head. Look at the correlation between whole plant food consumption and disease.

Here's another fun fact. Our government spends over 20 billion on subsidies that benefit the dairy, beef and veal industries. Fruits and vegetables grown for our consumption are excluded from the USDA subsidies. This includes marketing strategies. We see commercials all day long promoting meat and dairy products....we never see adds promoting the cauliflower.

I'm not advocating the banishment of all meat and dairy. I love a good steak and I'd die without my cheese - every once in a while. I try to consume them moderately. I don't believe that with every single meal I need a slab of meat or a hunk of cheese. I know that I can get plenty of protein, calcium and other minerals from vegetables, nuts, legumes and beans.

This book along with others I have read are instilling in me the importance of whole and fresh foods and how dangerous the standard (SAD) diet really is. Especially for people like me with high cholesterol. I'm starting to wonder, is it really heredity or diet? I plan on finding out.


$.RYN.$ said...

i love the

was a seriously good note though

Best Wishes, Marie said...

this is very interesting. is it ok if i follow your blog? i imagine you have read animal, vegetable, miracle ?

athomewiththeknights said...

It sure is SAD, isn't it? My favorite is when I tell someone I'm making, say, black beans and rice for dinner and I hear "but what are you making to go with it?!" OMG. Really?! Why do I need a hunk of meat to go WITH my dinner?!?!

Nessa said...

Best Wishes, Marie - you are welcome to follow my blog. I tend to go off the deep end on food rants, hope you don't mind!

Janet - I get the same response. People are so used to the standard meat, potatoes & green beans diet, they get lost when you remove the meat from the combination.

Best Wishes, Marie said...

a good rant is hard to find. i saw you signed up for my blog also !! your kids are adorable.