Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Loving life's experiences

Wow! What a weekend! I had a wonderful time up in beautiful Saratoga Springs, New York. I love that town man. Picture perfect! Downtown is a bustling area with boutiques, coffee shops, restaurants, pubs, artisan bakeries and cheese shops, bookstores etc. There's plenty to do and see and the people are pleasant. The town prides itself for it's mineral springs and its horse racing.
A lot of businesses have their own decorated thoroughbred out front.

The historic Roosevelt Bath houses. I've had the pleasure of visiting twice now. The baths are calming, yet revitalizing. The mineral water is a murky brown, but you lay there floating because of all the bubbles. We went and had a steam for a while and then a nice massage after we soaked in the mineral bath. Just imagine....some people get this kind of treatment almost daily. I could handle that.

Uncommon Grounds, which is just one of the many coffee shops in Saratoga. They are always busy and filled with fresh baked bagels and other pastries. I loved the laid back atmosphere along with the "clinking" sounds of coffee cups and saucers. Reminded me so much of a European cafe'.

Saratoga race track. This is another historical building from the 1800's. This weekend was "Travers" weekend when the big race takes place. We made a few bets, won some and lost some. When the big race came...I lost again. It was nice to just see the beautiful horses and see the spectacle of Travers. There are people dressed normally with jeans and others with very nice dresses and extravagant hats.

Some friends that live across from the track have a party every Travers day. They had a wonderful spread. Ribs, clams, lobster, corn, pasta salad, dips, chips, artisan breads, assorted cheeses, tons of wine and plenty of beer. They were so nice and hospitable. They throw this party every year and some of their friends come from all over the country to attend. I was invited to come join in on the tradition too. It would be great if we could make Travers a tradition! I mean "we" as in the whole family, not just myself.
When the sun came back Sunday, we ventured out on the boat for a while. It was a pleasant 73 degrees and very relaxing. Thanks again for all your generosity and hospitality Kristin and Mark! I had a great time.

Someday I will live in a town that I adore as much as they do.

Right after my flight home I dashed to school to pick up my little ones. I missed them so, even just being gone a couple of days. Both of them saw me and ran to me with big hugs! Kristjan wouldn't let me go. I feel like the luckiest mom alive. Being away from them solidifies how much I love my husband and children. Family is so important to me and will always be my first and foremost priority.

Now that I'm home I am totally focused on Bella's birthday this weekend. My little baby girl is turning seven! Thursday Bella and I will bake her cake and decorate and then Friday we will open gifts, eat and then enjoy our creation! Saturday we are going to the beach and then to Joe's Crab Shack for some buckets filled with seafood. There's also a playground right next to the tables on the deck outside. Bella is so very excited. She picked going to the beach and the selected the restaurant. Grandpa and Grandpa will be down from New Jersey to join in on the fun. She's been counting the days until they arrive. There are two boxes sitting in her room that say "Don't open until Sept 4th".

I'm sure Kristjan will enjoy another day at the beach and a big mouthful of chocolate cake. I can see him now chasing after the seagulls again. We will miss having Nanna and Nannu there, but I'll make sure to take plenty of pictures for them. Hopefully next year they will be able to come.

I heard that mom got to swim with the tunas the other day. I hope she took some pictures of that amazing event! That's a one in a lifetime opportunity and I'm glad she went. Just like I feel fortunate I had the opportunity to visit Saratoga again. It's nice to experience new and brilliant things in life. It takes the mundane out of day to day life and creates memories to last a lifetime.

Some newly inspired thoughts on life: Get out of the house and see where beauty lies. See, taste, learn and feel - take it all in. Meeting new and interesting people is a great thing.

Experience life, don't just live it.

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