Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The secret to longevity

Being able to slow down and enjoy food and family together is a treasured thing. Something that is far more prevalent in Europe than here in hectic America. Most of us rush through the day, grabbing processed food from drive through windows, scarfing it down on our way to our doctor's appointment to get a refill on our blood pressure medication.

I hate to say that we don't always get to eat together as a family for dinner and that irritates the hell out of me. Not just eating together, but being able to do so without having to rush through it because there are 10 more things to accomplish before bedtime. I hope someday to be able to change our schedule so that we can still eat healthy and eat together as a family during the week.
Another secret in the Mediterranean to longevity is the freshness of their food. From the earth, not from a box.

Here are some pictures of some fresh delights from my mom's visit to Malta.
Red prawns
Fresh fish
Razor clams I believe
Yummy fresh tuna. I am drooling as I type this...
A beautiful spread.
Some delicious Matlese bread. Man, I wish I could grab my screen right now.

Some more pictures that make me swoon...

I'm wishing I were there right now. Such a difference than where I am now, I'm without words.

Last night I threw together a dish that Chris really enjoys and it's pretty easy to make. Dad grilled up some more of his super delicious Cornish game hens last Saturday and I had one leftover. I heated it a bit and pulled the meat off to add to this dish. I also saved all the bones and skin from Saturday and will be making another batch of broth hopefully this weekend

Farfalle with beans, walnuts and arugula

1 package farfalle pasta, cooked al dente
1 shallot minced
4 cloves garlic minced
1 package arugula/rocket (about 6 cups)
1 can white beans rinsed and drained
3 tablespoons butter or alternative
1 cup white wine
1/3 cup chopped walnuts, toasted
1/2 cup pasta water

Cook the pasta until al dente and drain, set aside. In the same pot with 1 tablespoon of butter and a little olive oil cook shallots and garlic until fragrant about a minute. Add beans, pasta and wine and cook another 3 minutes tossing to prevent from sticking. Add pasta water and arugula and toss until liquid is mostly absorbed. Toss in remaining butter and walnuts. Serve with Parmesan cheese.
What a beautiful fairy princess! Thank you to my cousin Lorraine.

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Lorna said...

Dear nessa,My kids are really amazed by Bella's picture. She really is a prety princess. Hope to see you next year. It was nice to have your mum again at home. GIVE A BIG HUG TO BELLA AND KRISTJAN for us.