Monday, September 14, 2009

To cut or not to cut, that is the question

I'm a generation X'r that misses the good old grunge days I suppose because I hate cutting Kristjan's hair. I'm not one of those people that suggests that boys and men must have short hair. Sorry. Anyway, I love how it flips upward on each side. Man, I can't cut that off!

Don't worry, they both have hair appointments next Sunday morning. I don't want his bangs to cover up his eyes and Bella's little haircut needs timely upkeep anyway. I guess I'll leave it up to him when he's old enough to decide what he wants. One condition: No mullets allowed.

I had to showcase this fabulous beer from a local brewery to us. The brewery is Cigar City Brewing made in an area of Tampa called Ybor City. This area prides themselves with hand rolled cigars, art galleries and other Cuban traditions. Chris works not far from this area of the city and decided to try their brew. He purchased what is called a "growler" (shown here) which; if you bring it back empty, they will refill it for you at a lesser charge than buying new.

I have a feeling that we will be doing a lot of "recycling" with these guys in the future.


Val in the Rose Garden said...

I agree... no mullets allowed. Alex decided to grow his hair at age 8... it was really cute. Then he spent the summer at his dads, and his dad cut his bangs and only his bangs. It was horrible! He gave my 8 year old kid a mullet. I was so irritated. So it had to all be cut off so it could grow out, and he hasn't had motivation to grow it again since. Utter frusteration for a mama.

Your son is SO cute! He will be cute with his hair cut or without. Logan was 20 mos with his first haircut and it totally made me cry. He had sweet little curls that we will never see again. But I love his hair now too...

Anyway... longwinded "I feel your pain"!



Nessa said...

Thanks for the thoughts! I just love their hair, so fine and free. Hate to cut it all off. I tell the lady when she trims to trim all around just a bit, but not just the bangs!

Oh, I bet it was hard with those curls too!