Friday, October 2, 2009

Another valuable lesson learned

Note to self: It is inadvisable to confide in any person within the workplace. Period. Whether they represent any form of friendship or not, just don't do it.

When someone is departing due to bad blood within the workplace, it seems they find it necessary to hash up anything I might have said as well to aide in their defense. Listen, if you have problems with the boss, policy (or the lack of), other employees, etc. - leave me out of it! I can speak for myself and I plan to do so when the time is right.

There's a term we use called "getting run over by the bus" which means, someone has made them self look better by telling the boss man deleterious things about you. We have a couple of notorious bus drivers to contend with.

I look forward to the day when I am no longer a squirrel just gathering nuts while putting up with the bear constantly ordering me around along with other squirrels trying to out me. One day I will be the bear. The only person that I will have to answer to is myself or my equal colleagues. I promise; if I ever have any squirrels to help me, I will be a kind, ethical, well compensating and responsible bear.

My sister-in-law is a gifted artist with flowers and floral arrangements. This includes decorating large items with flowers. She wants to start a floral business that includes catering. Kind of like an all in one for parties, weddings or other special occasions. She would be involved with the floral and I would be involved with the catering. It's something to seriously consider and research deeply. The freedom to work hard and feel that sense of accomplishment and pride, not just collecting a paycheck. A chance to throw away the nuts and become a happy little cub.

I know that everyday brings new experiences and tools to learn in life. Today, I learned an important lesson in human behavior which has also gained me the confidence to look forward to the new possibilities that await me. Patience grasshopper.


athomewiththeknights said...

Oh you have got to tell me what happened. Inquiring minds want to know.

Best Wishes, Marie said...

you are not the only one to learn that lesson. in your defense, there are people who as a conscience "staying power" will going around the office until they have some dirt. they do more politics that actually getting any work produced. and it usually works. your are right. the bottom line is, just the facts, professional. i would venture to say, if it is not the whole office going out for a birthday or something, no ... "thanks, i already ate, brought lunch, have some errands i need to take care of." and especially, stay off the internet for personal stuff !!!!

Best Wishes, Marie said...

i wanted to elaborate. at my last job, when i was new, there was a girl who kept inviting me to do things. so one evening i went to a play with her and then out to eat. and then on monday, it was like .... boom boom boom right by my desk, hardly a hello. not sure what thing it was that i said that made her finally think she had her trump card. I saw the same pattern repeat. and she was with the company for a long time. they closed the branch in my town, and she was there when i left, so i am not sure what happened to her. a transfer ?? she was good friends with corporate HR. she would leave at half day, and put a full days hours on her time sheets, and it was like she was untouchable.

this other friend of mine and i were talking about a similar topic and how a person in her office will come up and ask "what do you think about ____'s memo?" and she said she just kept repeating, it was a memo from ____, saying _____." and she repeated it like 10 times. but would not give an opinion.

point is that some situations are people trying to pull you in.

i am so glad i telecommute. it really is more about performance than some liking your boobs, etc... being threatened by you .... or whatever.

Nessa said...

I've always had this notion that given we spend more time with our co-workers than family, that we should at least be friends.

I do believe I have seen too many romantic comedies in my life. Thinking the limo will pull up and the wealthy, sickly-in-love hunk will rescue me or if you work your best and be an honest employee, you will get a "thank you" every now and then and surely financial compensation.

Yes, I've dreamed too many of these silly thoughts from fantasy to life. Life doesn't happen that way.

You are right Marie, it's safer to just be a worker bee and be neutral on topics. That's what I will do.

Best Wishes, Marie said...

i did see hoda and kathy lee talking about the dave letterman thing. and how one of the women who slept with him in a very short time being on his staff, got to go to the olympics, etc... things that might be reserved for a more senior staff member.

it is true. i know this girl i was talking about, we used to wonder if she and the boss were having some fling thing going on. it was weird.

we used to also wonder if maybe since she had been there for so long if there had been a previous sexual harassment issue, and she had something hanging over their head. it was so odd.