Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Brewing treasures

A beautifully chilled glass of Chris's Rye IPA that he brewed about two months ago. This is a single batch of 5 gallons and going fast. This beer so far is one of my favorites from him. It actually tells a story in your mouth. From the initial hoppy smell, the rich flavor and then the intense finish, this beer is wonderful. It also packs a nice punch. Chris uses 20 oz bottles. One bottle can usually accommodate 2 glasses like above. Just one bottle will get you feeling pretty damn good.
Currently in the fermenting cooler we have some chocolate stout bubbling. It will stay in this carboy churning for perhaps another week before he adds some cocoa nibs to enhance more of that chocolate flavor. From that point he may transfer it into a secondary fermenter for a time before bottling.

He likes to make the darker brews for the holiday and our "we wish were colder" winter months and the lighter beers for our hot summer months. Chocolate stout can be just as satisfying to the tummy and sweet tooth as hot chocolate. So to me, I can picture myself all curled up in a blanket with a good book and a good chocolate stout. Now that does sound nice.

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