Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Even good plain

Usually when I roast beets I toss them with salt, pepper, balsamic vinegar and a little extra virgin olive oil. Sometimes I won't use the balsamic and just stick with the oil.
This time I just roasted them, peeled them, diced them up and ate them. They are still very delicious, so nice they didn't need any accentuating in my book. I'm partial to this opinion because I adore beets and have found I prefer them fresh and roasted to the canned or pickled version.

I grew up finding beets in their familiar form pickled and served in most restaurant salad bars. I would always spoon up a nice portion on my salad plate and remembered to be extra careful eating them so not to stain my clothes. That was the only place I ever saw them unless we purchased a jar or can from the store.

Their versatility and health benefits has brought them more into the culinary limelight and now I can find endless recipes using fresh beets. I found a delicious looking Roasted Beet and Blood Orange Salad with Spicy Greens Recipe on 101 Cookbooks that I want to try. I'm also going to try a Beet-Feta tart (Orangette) and a Five Spice Beet Soup (Epicurious). I will also definitely make a point to try Jamie Oliver's Smoked beets with grilled steak and a cottage cheese. That looks and sounds like a flavor packed dish.

Right now I can only find the dark purple or red beets in the market but I hope all of the other beautiful colors will be available in my area one day. Soon I'll be experimenting with those recipes; but for now, I'll enjoy a little bowl full of my plain roasted gems.


athomewiththeknights said...

I want some beets now. ;) I keep meaning to comment on your blog posts, but things have been utterly crazy around here this week. I'm hoping to find a little sanity tomorrow.

Nessa said...

I know what you mean by crazy.

Week nights are hectic for me - most chores have to wait for the weekends.

Best Wishes, Marie said...

have some beets in the fridge, i got them for juicing. i am going to do it right now !!

Imene said...

I used to boil the beets until my mother in law told me to roast and go she was right.
I like them with olive oil, balsamic and just a little bit of garlic. Yumm

Holly said...

I {heart} beets! Really...a lot. Must go buy some tomorrow.

Val in the Rose Garden said...

We have tons of beets at the market right now. Our stand alone has three different kinds. I roast them cut in quarters, tossed with olive oil and sea salt. I usually mix them with other roots like carrots, potatoes, rutabaga, parsnip, and turnip. Yum! They are on the menu every week right now because we have so many of them. Can't think of a better crop to have tons of. :)