Monday, October 19, 2009

Fall has arrived!

Finally a taste of Fall for us. This weekend was breezy and cool. I think just about everyone found an excuse to get outside this weekend. We headed to a local organic farm to pick up a pumpkin. This farm had a corn maze, hay rides and hay maze along with their produce and pumpkins. In order to enjoy those extra perks it was $8.50 a head. We didn't want to spend that kind of money so we opted to just select a pumpkin and pick some green beans.

Their pumpkins this year did not yield, so they had them brought in from a neighboring farm. It still had more charm than that roadside stand next to the highway.
Bella and Chris selecting that special pumpkin.
Kristjan is selling us on this one. He went around patting them all.
After we found that perfect pumpkin it was time to pick some green beans. It's not everyday I can enjoy fresh picked organic green beans. They will be added to Monday's dinner menu. Bella and the girls had fun helping me pick them.

It was such a nice day we all decided to head to a nearby park where we had a picnic and let the children enjoy the weather. For just $10 we all ate a great lunch outdoors and the kids had a blast. My friend Janet, her husband and their girls brought us to one of their favorite parks.
Hannah and Kali enjoying the jungle gym.
Kris's protective big sister helping him on the slide.
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Someone found out that he really loves to slide! I can't count how many times Kristjan would go down the slide and climb his way up again for another turn. He was doing this all on his own while Bella made sure he stayed away from any gaps above (with Chris and I watching of course).

They really had a great time. Both of them fell asleep on the way home. Chris and I took some back roads where I got to see some places I had not seen before that were actually really nice. Rolling green hills, grand daddy live oaks, cattle grazing and beautiful horse ranches. Funny how we tend to take the same path everywhere we go. Makes you realize how much you miss out on when you always take the path of least resistance.

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