Monday, October 26, 2009

Fun and play

Great pop-up book we got from Grandma and Grandpa. Both kids love looking at it over and over again. Bella has been also practicing her reading with it. I sometimes find her at the table working on her math books. She has some workbooks that we received as gifts and purchased for her to practice. She actually loves to do math for fun. I can't say that I share the same sentiment. I loved history and literature, not really math. Good for her!
He's having fun, really. Probably tired of seeing the camera in his face all the time.
Getting in some exercise before dinner.
This year's pumpkin Chris did it by hand instead of using a stencil. I think he did a good job. It's the classic look, don't you think?


Best Wishes, Marie said...

i like how he runs with his arms out to his sides for balance. cute part of balance development.

Nessa said...

So true! I also love to see how little ones stretch when they wake up. They really make sure to get out a thorough stretch.