Tuesday, October 20, 2009

That was very nice

I have the perfect week night meal that looks and tastes delicious and takes very little time to cook. Last night I made Chicken with olives, raisins and Spanish rice. This recipe is in a series of quick chicken recipes on the Martha Stewart site and actually includes a video demonstration.

My version was a bit different from the actual recipe because I didn't have all of the exact ingredients that it called for. It called for golden raisins and I used regular raisins, used brown rice instead of white, seasoned the chicken with some Herbs De Provence and used champagne instead of white wine. I didn't have any white wine on hand but did have an old forgotten bottle of champagne (no, it wasn't a Dom Perignon or Pernod-Ricard Perrier-Jouet) in the bottom of the wine frig so I popped it open and used that. I also made a Mimosa for good measure.

Since I used brown rice, the procedure was a bit different. I normally cook up a large batch of brown rice in the oven for an hour and divide it up and freeze. I get a medium lasagna dish and put in three cups brown rice to 5 cups boiling water. Cover with foil and bake on hour at 375. For a faster process, by all means use long grain white rice as the recipe recommends and cook until water is absorbed.

For this recipe I started up the rice as soon as I got home (I didn't have any premade in the freezer). When the rice was done I put some in a large bowl, mixed in some salt, pepper, a little Earth Balance (or butter) and the fresh spinach and covered with foil. The heat of the cooked rice wilted the spinach.

For the chicken I cut chicken breasts lengthwise seasoned on both sides with salt, pepper and some Herbs De Provence and browned on each side. Covered with foil. In the same pan I added the wine, raisins and kalamata olives and cooked until the wine was reduced by half and then added the water. Cooked on high until reduced by half. Put Spanish rice on the plate with Chicken and topped with olive and raisin mixture.

My husband was very impressed with this dish and loved it. The saltiness of the kalamata olives are balanced out when you bite into some plump sweet raisins and I loved the buttered rice with spinach. Better yet, I was able to eat dinner before 8:00pm for a change. That was very nice.

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