Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Incubation period - only time will tell

I am sitting here feeling pretty healthy all in all and wondering if perhaps I have some virus or other offensive bug incubating inside and in a day or so it will show it's fury and reek havoc on my body. Meanwhile I am oblivious to think that I may be contagious to others. How would I know? I'm feeling fine. Only time will tell.

Too bad we don't have a flap of skin or section of the body that changes color to alert us that we are contagious to others. I wonder how many people would try and hide that feature. I am thinking a possible sci-fi movie here. There absolutely would be chaos if we could see infectious people walking around. Perhaps that wasn't a good thought after all.

The reason for my query is that Bella was diagnosed with strep throat yesterday. She's been showing symptoms since Saturday. Saturday night being the most extreme because of the pain. The doctor informed me that this bacterial throat infection can lie in incubation for up to eight days before symptoms arise. This means, she caught this bug towards the end of last month. There has been a lot of hugging and kissing of children since then. I fear for her brother now. Only time will tell.

I also found out that if left untreated, strep throat can sometimes cause complications such as kidney inflammation and rheumatic fever. Rheumatic fever can lead to damage to the heart valves. Not a nice bacteria to play with.

The children received their flu vaccinations Friday. At first I thought it was possible side affects from that causing her issues. When on Monday her symptoms did not cease, we took action. Ahh...the wonders of the school year and the passing of germs. She's on antibiotics and at home resting. She seems to be feeling better.

When Bella was Kritjan's age she used to love playing with balls. She called them "b-balls". Kristjan simply says "ball". There is another object that Kristjan did follow in the "b" tradition after his sister though. It's the "b-bus". He loves school buses or any large yellow vehicle and calls them "b-bus". He even sleeps with one from time to time.

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Best Wishes, Marie said...

the b- thing is cute. when my nephew was little my sis in law thought that my b in law was in the sauna. but he was playing pool. so when he saw him playing pool, he thought that was what it was called. so for 2 or three years whenever we went to the cabin, how would say "play hot sauna." whenever he or someone else was playing pool. that is their job, to memorize after learning.