Thursday, October 15, 2009

Needs a little more

Last night I made Tomato pepper soup with ham and arugula wraps which to my delight, took no time at all. My broiler element still works on my oven so I've been using that feature carefully while I wait for my new regular heating element to arrive.

I broiled 3/4 of the tomatoes and opted for two red bell peppers instead of one as the recipe called for. I found that roasting bell peppers, placing them in a bowl covered with plastic wrap and peeling them was no trouble at all. So why have I been buying jars of roasted red peppers? I'll use fear of failure and a bit a laziness as an excuse. I should know better. Another "you can make it yourself" awakening.

While the tomatoes and peppers were broiling I pull out a large bowl and added the tomato juice , salt, pepper and pureed the remaining tomatoes and added them (I used my food processor on the tomatoes first). After the tomatoes in the oven where broiled, I processed them and then added them to the bowl. While the peppers were resting under the plastic wrap, I assembled the wraps. First the blended mixture of goat cheese, olive oil and lemon zest is spread on the wrap. Then a layer of ham, and then the arugula. Rolled them up in parchment paper and stuck them in the frig.

Lastly, I peeled the roasted red peppers, diced and processed them before adding to the bowl of the tomato mixture. I then used my immersion blender to puree the soup to a smoother texture.

Honestly, I preferred the gazpacho recipe I made prior to this soup. This was too acidic and could have used some sugar or garlic. Also perhaps more of a roasted flavor, I may not have roasted the tomatoes long enough or the addition of some caramelized onion could have given it the sweetness and smokiness it was lacking. I regret I didn't have a good amount of ham available, could have used more of that. In the end, I did enjoy dipping the wrap in the soup and found that to be a good combination. To our surprise, it was quite filling. It's amazing how these vegetable soups can fill you up.

It's time to work on the menu for next week. I have a Maltese split pea soup recipe I would like to try called Soppa tal-Pizelli. Seems easy enough for a week night meal. I think pizza may be in order again for Sunday and of course a pasta dish or two.

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Best Wishes, Marie said...

souper douper. i love a good tomatoe soup.