Monday, October 5, 2009

Now it's my turn

When I was about Bella's age, I can remember doing little things to make the household a little more active. I had a little fake black spider, about the size of half dollar that I would strategically place around the house to scare my mom. The hallway, the couch and the kitchen are places I can remember. I never dared put it in their bed. I also liked to gather live creatures for extra added fun. Walking up to her with snakes was a particular favorite.

So now, I suppose it's my turn to be scared to turn the corner. This time, we are dealing with a much larger adversary. The one foot long, hairy tarantula named Lucy. Bella has followed in the tradition of activating the excitement within the household. Lucy has been found under the couch just inches from my feet, around a doorway, in the hall and my ultimate favorite and loudest scare (woke up the house on this occasion) when she put her beloved spider next to me in bed.
This morning Lucy was found in the kitchen where I'm usually found preparing the lunches for the day. It's was nice and dark this morning...I think I lost another year of my life. She's been feeling ill these past few days. Yet she did have the energy to give me this little morning gift. I hope you are feeling better Bella. I'm sure daddy will take good care of you today.

My little man. We spent some time outdoors to run about and enjoy the last bits of what was left of the cold front that so briefly visited. Bella didn't feel well and stayed indoors. I didn't feel it right to take a bunch of pictures of her looking all sad and puffy.
Some beauty found in a couple of weeds.
A pesky vine sneaking through the neighbor's fence.

Sometimes I think weeds get a bad rap.

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Best Wishes, Marie said...

love the confident stride !!! i remember putting a water balloon in the fridge once as a kid. and my grandmother screaming when she saw it in there.