Monday, October 26, 2009

Planning ahead

I spent most of the day Sunday cleaning, goofing off with the kids and cooking. That means I was in my own little heaven. I decided to make a couple of soups for later in the week to help free up some time after work. I find soups fun and easy and I was able to make both at the same time. Even better, I had enough of each to even freeze some.
Split pea soup. Recipe is from a Maltese recipe book I borrowed from mom. I used yellow split peas because I had them in my pantry already and wanted to use them up. I suppose yellow and green split peas taste about the same. A big batch of Minestrone. This soup is great for cleaning out your frig of vegetables. I also made a couple of loaves of bread for dipping.
I couldn't have gotten all of this done without my little helper. While I was busy on the stove with the soups, Bella was nice enough to feed Kristjan his lunch for me.
After some cool off time outside I made a family favorite with a little twist. Martha's tomato, sausage and spinach risotto. After finding I didn't have enough aborio rice, I used barley instead. Turned out great and this time there is more fiber!

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