Monday, November 9, 2009

Another use for leftover pasta

Friday after work I was pretty bushed and couldn't think of a restaurant in town to pick up dinner. Honestly, the restaurants we have in our town are either chain restaurants with high calorie meals, all fried food buffets or fast food joints. None of which appeal to me. With no healthy option to be found, it's best to just eat at home. Which we do 99.9% of the time. But you know...there are times believe it or not, when I'm not in the mood to cook!
After giving up on my food hunt, I figured it would be best to clean out the frig of any leftovers before grocery shopping anyway. I had some leftover cacio e pepe and thought a minute. I know! Pasta patties or pasta crisps! Whatever we should call it, they turned out great! I mixed my leftover pasta with 2 eggs, 1 egg white, some chopped walnuts, chopped sun dried tomatoes and chopped chives. I then divided amounts on my skillet and turned them once browned. Turned out great! I made some seared eggplant, tomato and goat cheese sandwiches to go with it. I didn't get a night off, but I ended up loving dinner anyway.

My little ones enjoying a breezy afternoon.

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