Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Change in atmosphere

I found a way to add a little bit of relaxation into the house, while still remaining functional and not taking too much time. That is, I can still get a shower in, while not using up all the time it takes to take that relaxing bath and still feel relaxed in the process. Besides, the tub in the kid's bathroom is so shallow and short, I am practically in the fetal position while trying to bathe. Not a very relaxing pose.

Our shower has a window on one side (frosted of course) and a large clear glass window on the other (shown here). I've always felt a bit shy when showering at night because I know the bright light coming through the glass is reflecting my upper torso through the window outside. One night I just lit one candle and thought it may be enough to shower and still feel some sort of privacy. I loved the calm dim light verses the blare of the regular bathroom lighting.

The next night, I grabbed 3 candles that my mom gave me, lined them up on the shower window sill and really got into relaxation mode. It's my little getaway from the hustle and bustle of my crazy household. Just a few minutes of calm and peace helps me be a nicer mommy.

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