Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A good deed or great marketing?

The grocery store is out to make money...period. But, I'll have to give them a tad of credit for once. Publix has these recipes that they feature each week, provide a recipe card, a pretty binder to collect your cards (there is a fee for the binder) and even a person there at the store making a sample dish to try. It's a great marketing strategy for them because most of the recipes feature specific brand name ingredients. I'm sure those brands pay top dollar to be featured in the recipes. Behind the counter where the employee is making the sample dish, they have all of the ingredients needed for the recipe coveniently available to just pick up and go.

I do have to give them some good marks for showcasing recipes to be made from home, even though at times processed items are used. At least there are more whole food ingredients being used which provides the customer with some practice and knowledge that goes beyond that box of Hamburger Helper or package of Hot Pockets.

Maybe with enough experience, someday a client may go beyond using a jar of "Acme" roasted red peppers and roast them on their own or use a spice combination from their pantry instead of a "taco seasoning" packet. In the long run; for perhaps a few, this strategy may hurt the store's profitability. I have hope for those few customers but know that when looking at the bigger picture they will continue to profit highly from their name brand exposures.

Every now and then a feature recipe catches my attention. This recipe was featured about a year ago and was featured again this weekend. I had made it before and we all liked it. Why not make it again? I especially love the cannellini beans, garlic, basil and roasted red pepper side dish. I could eat those beans alone.
This recipe is called Tuscan Style Chicken with Italian Sauteed Beans. It's very easy to make and is comprised of whole ingredients which I like. I do change out the cheese. The recipe calls for mozzarella and I use goat cheese. I also seem to use more white wine with the beans than the 1/4 cup it calls for. I let them simmer longer while I'm preparing the chicken.

One day I may actually invest in their cute little binder and gather up those recipe cards that look appealing. I do have a confession though. I did end up using a jar of roasted red peppers for this dish. I didn't make it to my produce market and wasn't going to spend $4.99 a pound on grocery store red bell peppers from South America. Scandalous!


athomewiththeknights said...

Damn, you bought roasted peppers!!! The horrors!!! Just kidding. ;) That one looks really yummy. I might need that recipe.

Nessa said...

It's really good. Especially the beans! Really easy to make.

I just couldn't find those "Acme" peppers....