Monday, November 2, 2009

Heidi, the medieval princess and the happy skeleton

Getting ready to venture out and see what excitement awaits.
The neighborhood clan: the devil, a gorilla man, a lovely senorita, one of the Mario brothers and a beautiful medieval princess.

Kristjan stayed indoors to hand out candy. He really digs that. I think next year, we'll have him run about and join in on the fun.

November is here and I am officially in the holiday mood. Time to gather those wonderful fall and winter recipes, experiment with Thanksgiving sides and desserts and then prepare for Christmas. The food, the decorating, the planning, the gifts. Even though it will be super tight this year, I still want it to be a magical time.

I took my mom out to visit a mall in town we both hadn't been to yet. This mall had plenty of wonderful stores. Gucci, Luis Vuitton, Chanel, Tiffany etc. Even though I couldn't buy anything, I still went in and looked at all the lovely items and beautifully made clothes. Luckily looking and dreaming are still free.

We did find a store called Zara which mom had shopped at while visiting in Malta. This store is all throughout the globe and carries the latest European fashion at very reasonable prices. We were surprised and delighted to find one near home. I swear we looked at almost every item. They were very nicely made, most coats and vests were tailored, (which I completely adore) and they were classic looks that can work with many variations. I fell in love with the store. What I loved more was that they had prices that were affordable.

After a wonderful time window shopping we went by a local Irish pub for some crispy fish and chips and I enjoyed a creamy Guinness on tap. What a wonderful day.

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Holly said...

I love seeing everyone's Halloween posts. Great costumes. A day of shopping, complete with mom and fish and chips....heaven!