Wednesday, December 30, 2009

It's all about the kids

Merry Christmas everyone! Late again, but here I am. It's been and still is a whirlwind time for me but I do see some settling in the horizon. I hope to again be able to update daily and visit my friends.

We took our trip up to Tennessee this Christmas and we had a wonderful time with family. The children enjoyed playing with each other, Santa's gifts and some of the beautiful perks of being in the north. One of them was playing in the fallen leaves!
Bella almost completely buried.
Kris kept running and diving on in. He had a blast!

Bella's cousin Emily. I really didn't get to see Bella that much that week. She was too busy playing away with Emily. They get along well together and also happen to look like sisters. I hope that before they are all grown, we can be closer so they can grow up and experience life together.
Sweet little Cate. This was the day before a much needed ear tube replacement and adenoid removal procedure. She was having such a time keeping balanced with those ears. Bella had the same procedure done and it did wonders for her. Cate has had her procedure and is already showing great improvements.
I can't forget to mention Kris's best pal Emma. She's a golden retriever and the most gentle and obedient dog I've ever known. I wanted to just put her in the car with us and take her home. When we are able to get another dog...I want an Emma. Kris was always by her side and loved her company.

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